Building Update

Friday 9 February 2018

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Temporary Site (at Riverside)

Excellent progress is being made on our new classrooms, with lots of hard work from Bridge Timber, who have not been caught drinking a single cup of tea, even at the weekends.

We are on track for a handover at the end of February and are looking forward to getting in and using the new classrooms!


Current completion date: February 2018

Permanent Scheme (at Hibbert Road)

The ESFA have received a competitive tender for our permanent site from a well known contractor who is on the ESFA Framework. The ESFA are currently completing the procurement process and appointment is due in March leading into a build programme that shows our school being ready for September 2019.

Current completion date: September 2019


Friday 26 January 2018

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Demolition of Winbury House – Permanent Scheme (at Hibbert Road)

Here are the most up to date photos from Hibbert Road now demolition is complete. By the next newsletter we should be able to announce the contractor who will be completing the build

Current completion date: September 2019

Construction of temporary accommodation

New Classrooms at Riverside

Amazing progress continues to be made on the classrooms, which are now weather proof and even have windows! All is running to schedule and we look forward to moving in after half term.

Current completion date: February 2018

Canopies and tarmaking

The canopies are now all in place and look fantastic! These have already been very useful in the wet weather but will soon be used for outdoor learning too.














Friday 15th December 2017

Canopies and tarmacking 

Tarmac and further resurfacing work will take place in our existing playground over the Christmas holidays. After this is complete the canopies, which have now arrived, can be erected.

Permanent Scheme (at Hibbert Road) 

Demolition of Winbury House is now complete.

Archeological trenching is now taking place and will be completed before Christmas. There have been no finds at the site to date.

The build remains on programme.

Current completion date: September 2019

Temporary Scheme (at Riverside) 

Ground work has started on site this week. Bridge Timber will commence the construction on site after the Christmas break. Riverside have moved into their classrooms now and they are looking great. We are looking forward to moving into ours in February.

The planning officer has recommended that planning permission is granted. This will go to panel for final approval on 20.12.17

Friday 24th November 2017 – click here for a PDF version

Temporary Scheme (at Riverside)

Bridge Timber have been awarded the contract for building the temporary classrooms at Riverside. This is the same company who have built the Riverside classrooms.

They will complete the Riverside classroom within the next fortnight and then move across to start the one for Braywick Court. The Riverside classrooms have been built in 6 weeks and this should be the same timescale for our timescale too, although we do have to take into account the Christmas holidays.

We had a very positive first meeting with Bridge Timber this week and good report about them from RBWM. We are looking forward to getting the project started and have already been choosing paint colours and flooring.

Permanent Scheme (at Hibbert Road)

Demolition at the permanent site has been progressing well and we have been watching it with interest!

This photo was taken on Monday. This is the main building— just part of the Squirrel Classroom and the kitchen left standing.


Thursday 9th November 2017 – click here for a PDF version

Temporary Scheme (at Riverside)

The classrooms for Riverside are very nearly finished and they are hoping to move in this month. This shows how quickly things can move once they get going and is very encouraging.

As time progresses it looks less likely that our own classrooms will be in place for January and although the project team are hopeful of a completion by January, February is now looking more realistic.

Current completion date: February 2018

Permanent Scheme (at Hibbert Road)

Finally, demolition has started!

This work will take place over the next few weeks and completed before Christmas.

Preparations for the new build continue to take place behind the scenes and the project remains on track for completion by September 2019.

Current completion date: September 2019


Thursday 19th October 2017 – click here to view a pdf version

Temporary Scheme at Riverside

The planning application for the temporary buildings has been verified and has a decision date for the beginning of December. The buildings which are currently under construction are for Riverside as this was a separate earlier planning application.
However it has been very encouraging to see how quickly they can be constructed once work begins on site.
This project remains on schedule for delivery in time for January 2018.

Current completion date: January 2018

Permanent Scheme at Hibbert Road

We are pleased to report that the bat conservationist have kept a close eye out and there is clear evidence that the bats are continuing to use the bat boxes. Now there is no roof to the building it does not provide a cozy home for the bats any longer so there is no concern about them moving back in!

The demolition contractor met with local residents last week. The meeting was very positive and the residents are happy with the arrangements. They were encouraged to hear that a total of only eight or nine vehicle movements are planned for the whole demolition. The contractors will keep in regular contact with the residents and the Nature Centre.

Demolition contractors are now scheduled to be on site on Monday, subject to the contract being signed. They will do two weeks of demolition, pause for archaeological trenching and then undertake a further two weeks of demolition.

This will leave a flat site ready for construction to start.. This should be completed before Christmas.

Current completion date: September 2019

Images of demolition at Winbury House




29th September 2017

Dear Parents,

We are delighted to inform you that we have been successful in negotiating a significant funding increase, equating to one third of additional funding for the new permanent building for Braywick Court School.

In response to our letter to from Peter Lauener, Chief Executive of the Education and Skills Funding Agency, the body responsible for funding and building the new school, he made the following points:

  • Congratulated the staff and Trust on the recent Outstanding OfSTED report – highlighting the high quality of the education provision delivered by Braywick Court School
  • He re-iterated his commitment to delivering the best possible outcome for what will be an ‘exceptional’ building for Braywick Court School
  • They remain confident that the school building will be available in advance of the planned opening date in September 2019
  • Everyone in the team is fully focused on there being no further delays to the additional temporary and the permanent accommodation

Overall, the letter provides detailed reassurance that the Government are committed to the building programme for Braywick Court School and the full commitment from the highest level, that the project will not slip any further.

We continue to work closely with our colleagues in delivering the building and progress has been made in the following areas:

  • Demolition contractor appointed and due to commence in October.
  • Bidders day held for the contractors to deliver the temporary accommodation in January, with eight contractors interested in the scheme
  • Invitation To Tender (ITT) for the permanent building contractor prepared and cleared to be issued to prospective building contractors.

Yours sincerely

Mark Greatrex

Chief Executive

Temporary Scheme (at Riverside)

Suppliers for the units had a bidders day this week which was well attended, with six companies coming along for a site visit and two others also showing an interest.

A pre-app letter has been received from RBWM and the application can now be submitted with confidence all issues have been covered.

A communications leaflet will soon be distributed in the community and you will see these coming home in book bags over the next week or so.

We are still being advised by the Technical Advisory Team that 3rd January handover is their deadline.

Permanent Scheme (at Hibbert Road)

We are pleased to inform you that the project is progressing well over at Hibbert Road. The contractor carrying out the demolition has been appointed and has been to visit the site and begin preparations.

Demolition and site clearance will take place in mid October with our appointed contractor. The Trust and nominated governors will be meeting the contractors next week and a meeting will be offered to local residents.

We look forward to being able to share photos of this work taking place over the next few weeks.

We are thrilled to be able to announce that the budget for the full scheme is now in place and has increased significantly, meaning that the quality of the building will be ‘exceptional’.

Work also continues to take place towards procuring a contractor for the main building scheme. This is being run alongside the demolition contract to help keep timescales as tight as possible.

A parent has shared with us a copy of a letter they received from Peter Lauener, Chief Executive of the ESFA, to Theresa May, MP. This was in response to concerns raised by parents and shows a commitment from both the ESFA and our Prime Minister to keep the project moving and ensure its success.

Current completion date: January 2018

Current completion date: September 2019

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15th September 2017

Temporary accommodation for 2017/18

Woodford Interiors worked really hard on the playground over the summer. Children are enjoying the newly renovated playground, where the muddy areas have all be replaced with AstroTurf.

Three new canopies are scheduled to be installed this month, giving the children the opportunity to take their learning outside.

Maple class are using the Dinosaur Room as their classroom this term. Here is a photo of the transformation. A big thank you to Miss McFetridge, Mrs Nash and Miss Boycott who spent a huge amount of their summer holiday getting the space ready for the children.









Temporary Buildings

All funding has now been approved and is in place for the temporary classrooms to be placed on the field for Braywick Court School.

The planning application process is underway and this week we have seen some progress as the fencing goes up ready for the foundations to begin to be laid!









Permanent Site

A demolition contractor has been appointed and remains on track to be on site by November, with demolition scheduled to take place before Christmas.

As part of this process another archaeological dig has to be undertaken underneath the existing building, so cannot happen until after demolition.

The road for construction vehicles will not be used for demolition so will not need to be in place until the build commences, which should reduce disruption for the Nature Centre and the local residents.

The final date for completion of the build remains at September 2019.


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