Watling Park School judged as Good School

Watling Park School has been successful in its first ever OfSTED inspection, where inspectors found the school to be “Good” in all areas, with “strong leadership” and “a deep curriculum” enabling pupils to “develop their knowledge and understanding”.

The school was established by Bellevue Place Education Trust in September 2015 and moved into their new building in September 2017. Inspectors celebrated the school’s extensive educational offer, stating “The school’s rich curriculum successfully develops pupils’ spiritual, moral, social and cultural development.” Furthermore, pupils “benefit from a culture of collaboration”, where teachers regularly develop opportunities to learn through cross-curricular work. On more than one occasion, the report praises the “well-planned” class trips and workshops that comprise the school’s “approach to widen pupils’ experiences”, benefitting students by “broadening their life experiences”. Acting Headteacher, who has let the school since September, Sonia Mallick, commented on the positive report:

“This OfSTED report reflects the dedication and commitment of all of the staff, from teachers and assistants who work in the classrooms to all of my other colleagues who provide fantastic support in so many different ways before, during and after school.  The excellent outcome caps off the hard work and dedication by all involved.”

The enjoyment of staff working at the school is evident in the report, with colleagues quoted as describing the school to be “one big happy family”. The school’s governance structure is also praised for its collaborative ethos, with “strong strategic direction” being provided by the multi-academy trust in order to “improve the school further”.

The Chief Executive from Bellevue Place Education Trust, Mark Greatrex also commented on the inspection result:

“This is a very well deserved inspection report and testament to the hard work everyone has put in to opening this new school.  Watling Park School provides a high quality education to the young people we serve, thanks to current and previous staff who have supported Watling Park on the journey to become an OfSTED-rated Good school.  The school is very well led and its pupils, our excellent staff and parents are increasingly working closely together in partnership, which helps children learn.  It was most pleasing when the inspector credited the school on driving up standards while staying firm to our philosophy of providing a broad and balanced education offer for all pupils – a principle from our vision.”

Engagement from parents surrounding the inspection was overwhelmingly positive, with 88% claiming to recommend the school to another parent. All schools operated by Bellevue Place Education Trust seek to establish an environment for pupils to “learn, enjoy and succeed”. Inspectors commented on the regular use of “strong questioning to develop pupils’ thinking further”, acknowledging an atmosphere of regular enquiry that reflects the school’s ‘Thinking Schools’ approach. Crucial to this is the drive for a varied programme of enrichment that extends beyond the classroom, evident in the school’s “well resourced” outdoor learning environment and “broad range” of after-school clubs.

With a new Headteacher appointed and set to start next academic year, the positive OfSTED result is an acknowledgement of the fantastic work done this far in the school’s journey.

A link to the OfSTED report can be found by following the link: Click here

Appointment of a Chief Operating Officer

We are delighted to announce the appointment of Stuart Dixon to the role of Chief Operating Officer for Bellevue Place Education Trust.

Stuart is brings a wealth of experience in buildings and procurement and most recently as a Capital Project Manager for Lambeth Borough Council.  Within his current role, Stuart works in the Major Capital Projects on a range of projects and also acting as client of a large school PFI contract which included construction and subsequent FM service delivery. Stuart has also had in-depth involvement with schools that have converted to Academy status both at Lambeth and in another Borough.

He has held a number of strategic leadership roles within the local authority housing; a central government funding and regulatory organisation; the voluntary housing sector where he was Director of Housing and Company Secretary, and also within the private sector as a management consultant. In addition, Stuart is also the sponsor-appointed Chair of Governors for Harris Primary Academy Beckenham Green and a publicly-elected Governor for an NHS Mental Health and Community Foundation Trust.

Stuart brings to the Trust a breadth of experience that will enable him to support the Trust’s work through providing strategic leadership and direction to the operation functions across BPET.  As Chief Operating Officer, Stuart will lead on health and safety, risk management, procurement, IT and Board administration functions.  This strong appointment mean the Trust will be in an excellent position to deliver key operational support to the schools and on aspects of the BPET 3 Year Strategic Plan.”

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School Improvement Review Cycle EYFS visits

Throughout April, EYFS visits have been taking place to all schools as part of our regular School Improvement Review Cycle. The purpose of these visits is to provide an overview and recommend any areas of improvement to the Early Years provision in our schools.These are led by Early Years experts from the Independent schools that we are linked with.

The visits consist of six key assessment areas, including; Attendance, Behaviour and Welfare analysis, pupil interviews around work and school experience, and reviews of progress against overarching appraisal targets.The full School Improvement Review Cycle consists of five visits to each school throughout the academic year, each with a separate focus in line with the Ofsted inspection criteria. The Review Cycle provides the Trust with an overview of the performance of each of our schools, as well as supporting Heads with their improvement strategies. These reviews are always linked to the underlying vision of the Trust and help us to verify best practice by evidencing the quality of teaching, learning and assessment.

Community Green Space Grant awarded to Rutherford House School

Rutherford House School has been successful in its application for a Community Green Space Grant from the London Mayor’s Greener City Fund. Sadiq Khan announced his ambition to create the world’s first ‘National Park City’, following a manifesto commitment to make London 50% green by 2050. With the emphasis that BPET schools place on activity and outdoor stimulation, we are beyond pleased with this result. Rutherford’s successful application for the project ‘Rutherford Goes Green – From Grey Playground to Green Oasis’ aims to convert the concrete playground to create new green space for use by the whole community. Volunteer action days and community workshops are planned to both establish and maintain the space, with up to three generations of local people working in regular collaboration. The school was awarded £10,000 to develop 60sqm of green space, including growing areas and wildlife, in which it will establish sustainable gardening and outdoor learning space. The project has been given an anticipated completion date of July 2019.

Trust-wide Thinking Schools training

Kilburn Grange School hosted a Trust-wide training session for ‘Thinking Schools Development: Philosophy for Children’, as we continue towards pursuing Thinking Schools accreditation across all seven BPET schools. Delivered by the former President of SAPERE (Society for the Advancement of Philosophical Enquiry and Reflection in Education), an education charity dedicated to the promotion of Philosophy for Children (P4C), the events took place over two days and involved Headteachers as well as Thinking Skills Leaders from schools across the Trust.

Philosophy for Children is a programme with a proven record for developing higher order thinking, questioning, speaking and listening skills. The Education Endowment Foundation and Durham University published a study showing that P4C raises student attainment in reading, writing and maths, with a special emphasis on improvements amongst disadvantaged pupils. It has subsequently been included in the EEF pupil premium toolkit. P4C arrived in the UK during the 1990s with the formation of SAPERE, who adapted the existing international programme to increase accessibility for teachers without a background in philosophy. Last November, Kilburn Grange also hosted the Thinking Schools International Conference, organised by Thinking Matters CEO Richard Cummins and bringing together Thinking Schools Leaders from across the country, including teachers from our own Rutherford House and Whitehall Park.

In April, Whitehall Park and Watling Park will also host a delegation from a number of Lithuanian schools. The BPET schools have been asked by Richard Cummins to demonstrate the effect of implementing a Thinking Schools approach and the positive impact it has had on our educational offering.

Consultation on proposed changes to Local Governance arrangements

The BPET Board of Trustees have launched a consultation on proposed changes to Local Governance arrangements in BPET. This page sets out the background on the proposed changes, the timetable for the consultation and invites governors, staff and parents to respond to the consultation.

The National Governance Association conducted an external review of the governance structure across the Trust in 2016/17, with a workshop in September 2016 involving Trustees, Chairs and Headteachers.

The recommendation from the review has been adopted by the Board to consider and design a new governance structure for the Trust, taking away the duplication of roles and responsibilities between the Board, Local Governance and the executive team led by the Chief Executive.

The external review report recommended “work with staff and LGB members to reach a new settlement for school-level governance within BPET”. This report sets out the detail of a move to Local Advisory Boards, replacing Local Governing Bodies. The main purposes of the new Local Advisory Boards will be:

  • to maintain an overview of the educational attainment and achievement of the school
  • to advise on the School Development Plan proposals
  • to assist the school in meeting the needs of the local community it serves.

The following background explains in more detail what is being proposed.  The Local Governance Consultation is taking place between 28 February 2018 and closes on 6 April 2018. If you have any views about these proposals that you would like the trustees to consider, please send them to info@BPET.co.uk. Following the consultation, the BPET Board will consider the responses and then announce its decision on the way forward.

BPET Consultation on Changes to Local Governance Arrangements in its Schools

BPET was created in 2012 and, after opening its first school in 2013, is now operational on seven sites. One school has been recognised as Outstanding by Ofsted, with two recognised as Good.

During this time, the Trust has grown and evolved as its operations have grown. The Board has agreed to consult about proposed changes to Local Governance Arrangements in its schools which are designed to:

  • Reduce the duplication of roles and responsibilities between the Board, Local Governance volunteers and the executive team
  • Implement what we have learnt from the experience of the first 4 years of operating the Trust
  • Clarify the role and purpose of parental and other stakeholder engagement at each school
  • Make better use of staff, trustee and local volunteers in the interests of the children’s education.

The Trust is committed to developing schools which are strongly valued by the parents and carers of the children they serve. This is measured by an annual survey, the latest in 2017 showing that parental support for the schools continues to improve. Over 450 parents from our 800 pupils responded to the survey –

  • 97% of parents and carers strongly agree or agree that their child enjoys coming to school
  • 92% ranked their response as highly likely or likely to recommend a Bellevue Place Education Trust School to their friends
  • 95% of parents and carers strongly agree or agree that the school’s values and attitudes have a positive effect on their child
  • 97% of parents and carers strongly agree or agree that the school develops their child’s independence and responsibility
  • 92% of parents and carers are satisfied with the leadership and management of the school.

At the foundation of the trust, it was decided to create a Local Governing Body for each school, but the experience of the first four years of operation has shown that these arrangements are often misunderstood, have created a duplication of effort for headteachers, trustees and executives, and have not been a good use of the volunteer members’ time.

The Trust is bringing forward proposals to replace the Local Governing Bodies with Local Advisory Boards in an effort to tackle these criticisms without diluting the commitment to working with each school community to deliver schools that are sensitive and responsive to local views and opinions.


The Trust is now consulting on a series of proposals which will:

  • Disband the existing Local Governing Bodies
  • Create Local Advisory Boards in their place


  • Local Advisory Boards to have 6-10 members
  • The Chair of the LAB to serve at the invitation of the Trustees
  • Parents of children in the school to be at least 50%+1 of the membership
  • A requirement to hold “open” meetings for contentious or controversial issues
  • Chair & Head agree on member appointments to the LAB


  • To maintain an overview of the educational attainment and achievement of the school
  • To assist the school in meeting the needs of the local community it serves
  • For certain matters listed below, a requirement to be consulted by the Headteacher and/or Trustees before important decisions are made
  • On all other matters, to be consulted at the discretion of the Headteacher and/or Trustees

Consultation with LAB required for

  • Proposals to change the location, size, character or ethos of the school
  • Annually, on revisions to the School Development Plan
  • Annually, a programme of meetings, events and LAB member visits to school

Discretionary Consultation with LAB (an illustrative list of proposals which may be discussed with the LAB before a decision is taken)

  • To propose setting up a task and finish group to develop ideas for engaging with the community
  • To undertake a programme of off-site visits, including possibly international travel or residential trips
  • To develop a programme of activities before or after the school day, such as breakfast clubs or afterschool clubs.

The following information has been distributed to the Local Governing Bodies and provides further information on the proposed changes:

Report to LGB on Proposed Changes


The consultation is planned to run from 28 February 2018 to 6 April, with a final decision in April 2018. If agreed, the changeover is planned during the summer to allow the new Local Advisory Boards to be up and running from the start of the Autumn Term 2018.  If you have any views about these proposals that you would like the trustees to consider in response to this consultation, please send them to info@BPET.co.uk


BPET Monthly Newsletter

We are excited to announce that we will be producing a BPET newsletter which will be included in every school newsletter at the end of the month. This will provide parents and stakeholders with the latest news and developments from across the Trust.

Please see below for our latest edition.

January 2018

Parent Trustees appointment

Last year the Board of Trustees commissioned the National Governance Association to carry out an external review of the governance of the Trust, which included a workshop that Heads and Chair of Governors were invited to. Whilst the subsequent report found the governance of the Trust strong, it did make a recommendation for parent governors with certain skill sets to join the Board.

Following this, we are delighted to announce that Chris Gallant and Dina Choudhury joined the Board as elected parent Trustees in December 2017, they will both serve a four year term. Chris has extensive in marketing and communications, and Dina is a Chartered Accountant. For more information on the Board of Trustees, please click here.


On 3 January 2018 over 180 staff from across the Trust came together for an INSET day at Rutherford House School. This year we were delighted to be able to offer a number of high quality external providers, as well as sessions led by the experience we have across the Trust. Examples of sessions included Developing Growth Mindsets, Engaging Learning Environments and Teaching Maths for Mastery. These Trust-wide training days provide staff with the opportunity to share best practice and meet staff in a similar role.

Maths provision across the Trust

The Trust is delighted to announce that we are working with a specialist maths consultant, Robert Wilne, who will be working with us on maths provision across our schools. Robert has taught mathematics in both state and independent schools for 20 years and was previously the Head of Maths at Highgate School. He was also the founding Headmaster of London Academy of Excellence in Newham. Robert with be working across the Trust with Head teachers and Maths leads on an ongoing basis to develop the maths teaching to be the very best it can be.

Robert recently met with our maths coordinators at the Trust-wide INSET day on 3 January, where he discussed ‘Teaching Maths for Mastery: what is is, what it isn’t, and what it looks like in the classroom’. We are thrilled to have Robert on board and to offer an exciting maths curriculum. He has already spent a day at Watling Park School and provided initial ideas for developing maths and including reasoning as part of the maths lessons.

Learning Reviews

This month Bellevue Education will be conducting Learning Reviews across the schools. These reviews are a two day process which involves visiting the school and meeting with senior leaders. During these visits the Bellevue Education team will be looking at all aspects of educational delivery and will also be meeting with parents and key stakeholders. Due to four schools being in an Ofsted window, these visits will take place this month to highlight any recommendations for improvement. The other schools that are not expecting Ofsted will accompany an expecting school so that every school can take part.

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