BPET Conference 2022

Full day conference from 9 - 4pm online via zoom

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We have an exciting event planned for you, being the one opportunity of the year for all staff across BPET schools to come together in a day of sharing Career Professional Development opportunities as a wider Trust team.

 As a group of schools, we are joined through the aim of delivering the same BPET Vision across the school communities we serve.  This BPET Conference is structured to inspire and motivate you in areas we strongly believe will further enhance your professional journey, as a highly valued staff member and propel the school you work in to be even better.  The workshops are for you to engage and learn from true experts in their field.

 We work hard to find opportunities for you to gain as much professional development as possible and where we can do this with colleagues across other school, we have found this to be a very powerful and exciting way to drive improvements.  This BPET Conference has over 35 sessions for you to choose from with your line managers, all designed to spark ideas and learn new approaches that you can take away and develop further.  We also hope you will make connections with colleagues in similar roles, where you can support them and perhaps learn from them to.

 I hope that you take as much as you can from the day, make new network links across BPET schools and remember that we have an amazing role in educating and inspiring the next generation.  Do use this day to think about what has impact for learning and what more we can do to give our pupils the very best start in life.

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