BPET Conference 30th October 2023

Full day conference from 9 - 4pm at Doubletree Hilton Hotel 265A Rotherhithe Street London SE16 5HW ·

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Welcome to the BPET Conference 2023, the second year we are meeting at the Docklands in East London. This is an opportunity for you to meet with colleagues across the 10 BPET schools, where we jointly educate over 3,300 pupils. We are all joined by a shared vision - to deliver a high quality, broad curriculum in a creative and engaging way. The conference is designed to be an opportunity for you all to be inspired by colleagues and outside professionals to drive forward our own learning. These ideas can be taken back to enrich the provision at your school, meeting the needs of the community you serve. We hope you are excited by the programme and day, and inspired to develop your own practice for the benefit and the ultimate achievement of your pupils.


Please select 3 workshops in total, one at each of  following times 11.05am, 1.30pm and 2.55pm. 

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