Arts Competition

We love when children from all our schools come together to work collaboratively or engage in competitions.

As Kate Hodgson, Art Teacher at Halley House School and competition judge, says “It’s exciting for children to be part of something bigger, to test their skills and have the adults around them support that journey with its adventures, and through all the ups and the downs of building skills and learning.”

Kate and Maxine Mallett, Headteacher at Rutherford House, organised and managed the competition across all nine BPET schools, allowing slightly different formats in order for teachers to adapt to their specific school settings.

Artwork from Tiarah Prince-Ryan, Whitehall Park School

All BPET schools follow an holistic approach to education, and taking part in arts competitions – brainstorming, preparing, capturing evidence and evaluating the work to submit – allows children to develop skills which are invaluable to their all-round development, just as with sports and music.

Children worked on their own piece of artwork, and the winning piece from each class was submitted to Kate Hodgson via a digital portfolio.

View the full arts competition portfolio here