Trust Champions

Bellevue Place Educational Trust is founded on our vision to Learn, Enjoy, Succeed.
This is not only true for our pupils, but for our staff too: by delivering the best education and support to our teachers, they will provide the best education and support to the pupils.

Due to BPET’s growth, we have been able to introduce specialist roles to work across all our schools. Our Trust Champions have been recruited amongst our existing teaching staff, recognising experience, specialist skills and leadership attitude. Trust Champions not only support other teaching staff, creating a cascading effect of best practices throughout the Trust, but they further their own professional development too.

James Richards, from Rutherford House School, has been the Trust’s Sports Champion for the last two years. At Rutherford, James has developed the PE department with the belief that children learn best whilst they are having fun. James has been working with all PE teachers across the Trust to get more pupils to be more active, more often. James organises the annual BPET girls and boys football tournaments that take place at Watling Park School.

James fully engages with parents and the wider community, as he recognises that these relationships are vital in ensuring that children are supported as they move through school. For his attitude and commitment to developing competitive sport across our family of schools, James has won the BPET’s Impact Award in 2022.

Natalia Levene, from Deer Park School, has been appointed Early Year Foundation Stage (EYFS) Trust Champion. From Sept 2022, Natalia will lead EYFS moderation, including baseline moderation, facilitate EYFS Leader Network Meetings, deliver group training at the Trust’s annual conferences and support developments within teaching and learning.
Natalia believes that the early years are fundamental for pupils, because it is at this time that they gain all the basic skills of learning, setting the scene for a smooth transition to year 1, and the rest of their education.

Natalia was awarded the BPET’s Community Impact Award in 2022  − together with Lucie Bebe − for their work to support families of children with additional needs.

Claire Syms, our energetic Headteacher at Halley House School, has been appointed Delivery Partner Lead in order to grow the BPET delivery partner work with Outstanding Leaders and Best Practice Network through running the specialist NPQs through to NPQEL. She will recruit facilitators from within BPET because of their strength in leadership, ensure training is completed, allocate cohorts to facilitators always ensuring our facilities are high class promoting the value as a Trust we place on CPD of our staff. She will be instrumental to drive the professional development of our own teachers and leaders forward, and we can’t wait!

If you are interested in developing your career with us, head over to our continuing professional development tab.

Arts Competition

We love when children from all our schools come together to work collaboratively or engage in competitions.

As Kate Hodgson, Art Teacher at Halley House School and competition judge, says “It’s exciting for children to be part of something bigger, to test their skills and have the adults around them support that journey with its adventures, and through all the ups and the downs of building skills and learning.”

Kate and Maxine Mallett, Headteacher at Rutherford House, organised and managed the competition across all nine BPET schools, allowing slightly different formats in order for teachers to adapt to their specific school settings.

Artwork from Tiarah Prince-Ryan, Whitehall Park School

All BPET schools follow an holistic approach to education, and taking part in arts competitions – brainstorming, preparing, capturing evidence and evaluating the work to submit – allows children to develop skills which are invaluable to their all-round development, just as with sports and music.

Children worked on their own piece of artwork, and the winning piece from each class was submitted to Kate Hodgson via a digital portfolio.

View the full arts competition portfolio here

First ever Debate Competition

Thirty-six children from five BPET schools met yesterday for our first ever Debate Competition.

Led by the director of Noisy Classroom Debbie Newman, the children were assigned a topic and a position to argue for, splitting into teams representing the ayes or the nos for each topic.

After a little preparation, the children stepped into their seats, ready to describe their positions on topics such as ‘is being famous a good thing” or “should children be allowed mobile phones” and vehemently argued with their counterparts! Time keeping and the chairing of each debate was handled by children from a third school in order to keep impartiality. The audience was also called upon asking questions and commenting on the arguments brought forward by each party before motions were passed or rejected.

The children were very respectful of each other’s points of view, stood up to speak, asked to intervene when appropriate and did not interrupt one another.

The overall winners
The overall winners

The winners of the debate competition were the children from Deer Park School who took home a golden trophy, with runners-up being Rutherford House School (morning session) and Evendons Primary School (afternoon session). Halley House School and Kilburn Grange school also won individual debates throughout the day, so all of the teams were winners! All children were presented with a certificate for taking part and providing some great challenge.

Debbie Newman said: “It was terrific to see the huge amount of progress made throughout the day, with the pupils really developing their confidence and willingness to think on their feet and engage with the other side of the debate”.

The BPET newly appointed Head of Marketing and Communications Flavia Cerrone said: “I was very impressed by the quality of the debates, the arguments put forward by the children, and the respectful behaviour they showed towards one another. I can tell we have some future politicians sitting right here in our classrooms! Well done to everyone, I wish I had such an opportunity when I was at school”.

“I wish I wasn’t in Year 6 so I could do it all over again!”

BPET Appoint two Executive Headteachers

There is a belief in BPET that outstanding achievement in our schools can be realised more quickly and with greater sustainability through proactive collaboration. The strong sense of moral purpose that is our hallmark has helped to create an environment within which all leaders take a collective responsibility for the learning and success of all the pupils in our care.

We promote a culture in which openness to peer and external scrutiny and an active willingness to share and promote the very best practice are key factors in the improvement in our schools. Furthermore, we are committed to supporting and learning from the education community across London, Berkshire and the surrounding areas, and are keen to fully contribute to the benefit of the broader communities we serve.

So BPET has created a new strategic role of ‘Executive Headteacher’ who will role model fulfilling the vision of BPET through their school and leadership style.  The Executive Headteacher will inspire, motivate and grow teams towards educational excellence.  They will promote and safeguard the welfare of pupils and staff at all times and provide an appropriate combination of challenge, collaboration and support in order to raise standards.

The Executive Headteacher(s) will assist the Director of Education in developing key educational priorities within selected BPET schools, or through specific group projects as discussed and directed. In addition to fulfilling the role of Headteacher in their current school, the Executive Headteacher will provide education leadership capacity across a selected group of BPET schools and deliver on elements of school improvement across the Trust.

Executive Headteacher(s) will also participate in Central Team governance roles related to these schools (Management Meetings, Standards Committees, Network meetings or steer direction etc.) as well as the Local Advisory Board (LAB) meetings for the selected BPET schools.  There will be some involvement in Executive Team Meetings with the Central Team SMT, where Executive Headteachers will engage in policy discussions across BPET.

After a rigorous process of internal recruitment, which included a school improvement visit to a school in Milton Keynes, psychometric testing with a focus on emotional intelligence, a presentation on succession and a formal interview we have selected two leaders to be our first BPET Executive Headteachers: Maxine Mallett (Rutherford House Headteacher) and Francois Walker (Whiteknights Headteacher).

Maxine and Francois will be released from their schools for one day a week to provide school improvement support from September and they will begin an induction in to the role throughout the summer term.

They both have previous experience of executive leadership and school improvement work across more than one school and together will make a great team to work alongside, supporting our schools to greatness!


Announcement: Mrs Liz Haynes appointed as Headteacher Watling Park School

‘I am delighted to say that Mrs Liz Haynes has been appointed as the permanent Headteacher for Watling Park School.

Mrs Haynes is an experienced Headteacher, who demonstrated the vision and passion for delivering the highest standards of education for the pupils at Watling Park School. Having worked in similar schools throughout her career, Mrs Haynes will bring a calm, experienced and reassuring presence to the role of Headteacher.

Mrs Haynes is currently the Headteacher of a school in Hertfordshire, where she has been for seven years, having been seconded initially by the Local Authority as a Deputy Headteacher. In seeking a school nearer to her north London home, Watling Park School is an ideal new opportunity she was seeking for the next stage of her career.


Mrs Haynes will start in the role on 1 September 2022, though we are already planning time for her to meet staff, parents and LAB (Local Advisory Board) members as part of her induction during the summer term.’

Mark Greatrex

CEO Bellevue Place Education Trust

Announcement: Mrs Stacey Read appointed as Headteacher Evendons Primary School

‘I am delighted to say that Mrs Stacey Read has been appointed as the new Headteacher for Evendons Primary School on a permanent basis.  Stacey is currently the Deputy Headteacher at the school and becomes the first internal appointment in BPET to a Headteacher role.

Stacey has been at Evendons since the school opened in Sept 2014 and through a very strong interview, presented some really exciting plans for the school in delivering the BPET vision for the school, a great fit for the school and Trust!

Stacey will offer the school pupils, staff and parent community continuity. She will be starting the role of Headteacher after the Easter holidays on 25 April 2022.’

Mark Greatrex

CEO Bellevue Place Education Trust

BPET Spring Newsletter 2022

So much great news to share this term across our Trust!

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CPD as a Best Practice Network Delivery Partner

March 2022: We at BPET are very proud to invest such a lot of time and effort in our continued professional development (CPD) offering for our staff as well as external participants, mainly focusing on middle and senior leaders through the National Professional Qualifications (NPQs). This blog article gives you a flavour of what we deliver on an annual basis.


In the last year we have delivered 17 training programmes as a Best Practice Delivery Partner, most are NPQ’s which are the professional training pathway for school leaders.

BPET deliver Best Practice Network (BPN) programmes under their umbrella organisation ‘Outstanding Leaders Partnership’ (OLP). Our own senior leaders and Headteachers have been trained to be course facilitators. So far 10 members of staff have been trained, however this is an opportunity for all senior leaders to engage with and we look forward to developing more.

Alongside course content, the programmes enable our leaders to gain facilitation skills, access to current industry research, leadership thinking and information on the wider educational climate, all of which they can take back into their own schools and use with BPET staff.

BPN are audited by the Department for Education (DfE) as an ‘exceptional provider’ and are the largest NPQ provider in the UK.  We are proud to be one of their delivery partners and are delighted to confirm that external participants want to attend programmes led by BPET staff. To-date we have trained 193 leaders, 30 of which have been BPET staff members. This year we currently have 159 participants engaging with the programmes and attending our sessions.  Attendees can enrol in either an Autumn or Spring cohort each year and the programmes are typically delivered for one year.  As well as attending face to face facilitated sessions, participants also undertake online courses and research, they typically have to lead a project that will have a direct impact in their school or another school. Attendees have to meet a strict qualification criterion.

As a training provider we are audited, with members of OLP coming to observe our programme delivery and review course feedback.  We are delighted to share the most recent feedback we have been given:


Looking Forward: New BPN NPQLL (Leading Literacy) in development

Best Practice Network is working with a series of educational institutions, including the newest BPET member Whiteknights School, Wokingham on a Leading Literacy NPQ.  Whiteknights are one of the very few UK English Hubs. Together they will work in partnership to write the national professional qualification programme which will be rolled out across the UK by BPN delivery partners. We at BPET really look forward to this development and the opportunity to be involved in the delivery.

Outcome: Evendons Primary School Admissions Policy 2023-24 Consultation


Further to the consultation period closing on 20th January 2022, all responses (three were received) were reviewed and actioned and then a report was sent to the BPET Board for review and approval. The BPET Board met on Tuesday 8th March 2022 and discussed the proposed changes. After which the decision was to move ahead with changes (1) and (3) but not change the criteria clauses relating to siblings within catchment. Therefore clause 2 of the over-subscription criteria will remain:

“Children whose permanent home address is inside the school’s designated area and who has a sibling at the school at the time of the application; who is expected to be attending the school when the child will enter the school.”

The full 2023-24 Admissions Policy can be read here and the Consultation Report and Appendix



In accordance with the School Admissions (Admission Arrangements and Co-ordination of Admission Arrangements) (England) Regulations 2012, admission authorities must consult on their admission arrangements if changes are being proposed to the admission arrangements or if they have not been consulted on within the last 7 years. A consultation must run for a period of six weeks and be completed by 31 January 2022.

As the Admissions Authority, BPET are proposing two changes to the Evendons Primary School Admissions Policy for 2023-24 and onwards.  This is our formal notification of a consultation period from 1st December 2021 until Thursday 20th January 2022. You can find the DRAFT proposed Policy in the link below within ‘How to Respond.”

Who is consulted

This consultation is for the attention of:
  • Parents/carers of children currently at the school
  • School staff and School Local Advisory Board (LAB)
  • Pre-school and primary school providers within 1.5mile radius of Evendons Primary School
  • Wokingham Borough Local Authority

What Changes are proposed?

BPET would like to change the Oversubscription Criteria in two ways:

(1) Remove the Criteria “Families who have exceptional medical or social needs as the grounds for their child’s admission to a particular school.” Because it is very rarely used and we do feel a child local school often best meets their medical needs; pupils who apply should be in a catchment of the school and we have no specialist facilities.

(2)  Amend the notes of the Criteria “Children whose permanent home address is inside the school’s designated area and who has a sibling at the school at the time of the application; who is expected to be attending the school when the child will enter the school.” To simply “Children with a sibling at the school at the time of admission.”

This change brings Evendons Admission Criteria in line with all other BPET Schools and ensures that sibling families are ensured a place at the same school. This is important for attendance, punctuality and green/eco transportation to one school destination by the most efficient method.

(3) Amend the notes of the Criteria “Children of staff at the school. Children of staff in either following circumstances: i) where the member of staff has been employed at the school for two or more years at the time the child starts at the school.” Rather than “i) where the member of staff has been employed at the school for two or more years at the time of application.”

This minor change is proposed as the application date can be misconstrued as either submission date or statutory closing date for Reception Applications or further late application dates. We wish to treat staff and pupils fairly and this policy does relate to children starting school in the September of the Academic year. The start of the academic year is also the main intake date of new staff members.

Change in PAN (Published Application Numbers)

You may be aware that due to demand for school places in the local area, Wokingham Borough Council extended the number of places offered at Evendons Primary School for the Reception intake of September 2021 to 60 (from 54).  The PAN is the maximum number of pupils that the admission authority will admit to each year group.

The impact of this for the school was as follows:

  • Increase the Published Admission Number (PAN) for Reception to 60 from September 2021.
  • Take 2 children from each year group’s waiting list across Years 1-5 to increase the year group to 56 during summer term 2020-21 and provide even class sizes of 28 from September 2021.
  • Leave Year 6 September 2021-22 at 54 pupils.

This means that the number of pupils on roll at Evendons from September 20201 is 394 and this will then rise incrementally each year until we reach 420 pupils at September 2027.

How to Respond

This consultation will run from 1 December 2021 to 20 January 2022.  You are invited to submit comments in writing about the proposed changes to the Evendons Primary School 2023-24 Admissions Policy draft, to Tracey Blandford at BPET.

Please address any comments FAO: Tracey Blandford, Marketing Manager, Bellevue Place Education Trust c/o Kilburn Grange School, Priory Park Road, Kilburn, LONDON NW6 7UJ, by midday on 20 January 2022 or by email to  Please mark the subject “Evendons Primary School 2023-24 Admissions Policy Consultation”.

What Happens After 20th January 2022

Following the consultation period BPET, as the Admissions Authority, will take any responses into account before determining the final policy arrangements and will prepare a report to be posted on the BPET and Evendons Primary Website by 28 February 2022.

Ms Alison Hatch Appointed at Headteacher Whitehall Park School

We are delighted to announce that Ms Alison Hatch has been appointed as the permanent Headteacher for Whitehall Park School.

Mark Greatrex, CEO BPET said in his letter to Whitehall Parents

“Ms Hatch demonstrated the vision and passion for delivering the highest standards of education for the pupils at Whitehall Park School. She brings an open, friendly and collegiate approach to school leadership where children are at the centre of her approach, so they can learn with the breadth of experience and opportunity we are seeking to give all pupils.

In the few months Ms Hatch has been the interim leader of Whitehall Park School, we have been impressed with the relationships she has built across the school, where new staff are clear on their role and the direction the school is going, with a clear vision of where she wants the school to be.

This has been a great start and now Ms Hatch has been appointed permanently, we can quickly move to establishing more of the excellent practice Whitehall Park School is known for, with a relentless focus on high standards across all subject areas and a richness to the curriculum.”

Read the full announcement here.

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