BPET targets all schools to be accredited Thinking Schools

Bellevue Place Education Trust maintains seven primary Free Schools across London and Maidenhead, that aim to develop pupil’s as well rounded individuals, developing confidence in their learning, utilising the best of the Independent and State sector.

To support the excellent teachers in our schools, the Trust has set the aspiration that all schools will become accredited Thinking Schools. This programme, accredited by Exeter University, develops the use of a number of techniques which support the teachers in developing thinking and questioning skills as part of the school’s curriculum such as Thinking Maps and Philosophy.

The Trust is providing access to support all teachers to develop the required skills and techniques.  This started on 6 and 7 March 2017, with teachers attending a two-day Thinking Maps training course run by Thinking Schools.

The Trust has commissioned a Teaching & Learning Consultant, Sanah Williamson, who will support with the delivery and implementation of Thinking Schools across the Trust, in partnership with Thinking Schools. Each school will develop the capacity to have  a designated Thinking Schools Lead who will liaise with Sanah, learn the skills and requirements for accreditation, and will help train other teachers in their school to make Thinking Schools part of their everyday practice.

All the training and consultations will be funded by the Trust as part of a key strategy in developing children’s independent skills.

Staff found the training hugely valuable, with Amy Stephens, Assistant Head teacher of Halley House saying…

“The Thinking Skills course was really useful for staff to gain a deeper understanding of the concept of Thinking Maps and how they can be used in the classroom as a common language to express thoughts and ideas. The training involved lots of active participation including presenting a Thinking Map to the rest of the group.

We considered how Thinking Maps can be used in different areas of the curriculum to support collaborative learning and talk.

It was great to meet and get to know some of the people employed by other BPET schools and start networking with other Thinking Schools leads in the Trust!”.

To learn more about Thinking Schools, click here.

Thinking Schools according to Kestral Education:

“The success of the approach is that schools take a whole-school approach to the teaching of thinking. This means that thinking becomes central and explicit and all teachers and students develop a common thinking language and toolbox”.