BPET appoints two Executive Headteachers

There is a belief in BPET that outstanding achievement in our schools can be realised more quickly and with greater sustainability through proactive collaboration. The strong sense of moral purpose that is our hallmark has helped to create an environment within which all leaders take a collective responsibility for the learning and success of all the pupils in our care.

We promote a culture in which openness to peer and external scrutiny and an active willingness to share and promote the very best practice are key factors in the improvement in our schools. Furthermore, we are committed to supporting and learning from the education community across London, Berkshire and the surrounding areas, and are keen to fully contribute to the benefit of the broader communities we serve.

So BPET has created a new strategic role of ‘Executive Headteacher’ who will role model fulfilling the vision of BPET through their school and leadership style.  The Executive Headteacher will inspire, motivate and grow teams towards educational excellence.  They will promote and safeguard the welfare of pupils and staff at all times and provide an appropriate combination of challenge, collaboration and support in order to raise standards.

The Executive Headteacher(s) will assist the Director of Education in developing key educational priorities within selected BPET schools, or through specific group projects as discussed and directed. In addition to fulfilling the role of Headteacher in their current school, the Executive Headteacher will provide education leadership capacity across a selected group of BPET schools and deliver on elements of school improvement across the Trust.

Executive Headteacher(s) will also participate in Central Team governance roles related to these schools (Management Meetings, Standards Committees, Network meetings or steer direction etc.) as well as the Local Advisory Board (LAB) meetings for the selected BPET schools.  There will be some involvement in Executive Team Meetings with the Central Team SMT, where Executive Headteachers will engage in policy discussions across BPET.

After a rigorous process of internal recruitment, which included a school improvement visit to a school in Milton Keynes, psychometric testing with a focus on emotional intelligence, a presentation on succession and a formal interview we have selected two leaders to be our first BPET Executive Headteachers: Maxine Mallett (Rutherford House Headteacher) and Francois Walker (Whiteknights Headteacher).

Maxine and Francois will be released from their schools for one day a week to provide school improvement support from September and they will begin an induction in to the role throughout the summer term.

They both have previous experience of executive leadership and school improvement work across more than one school and together will make a great team to work alongside, supporting our schools to greatness!