BPET Monthly Newsletter

We are excited to announce that we will be producing a BPET newsletter which will be included in every school newsletter at the end of the month. This will provide parents and stakeholders with the latest news and developments from across the Trust.

Please see below for our latest edition.

January 2018

Parent Trustees appointment

Last year the Board of Trustees commissioned the National Governance Association to carry out an external review of the governance of the Trust, which included a workshop that Heads and Chair of Governors were invited to. Whilst the subsequent report found the governance of the Trust strong, it did make a recommendation for parent governors with certain skill sets to join the Board.

Following this, we are delighted to announce that Chris Gallant and Dina Choudhury joined the Board as elected parent Trustees in December 2017, they will both serve a four year term. Chris has extensive in marketing and communications, and Dina is a Chartered Accountant. For more information on the Board of Trustees, please click here.


On 3 January 2018 over 180 staff from across the Trust came together for an INSET day at Rutherford House School. This year we were delighted to be able to offer a number of high quality external providers, as well as sessions led by the experience we have across the Trust. Examples of sessions included Developing Growth Mindsets, Engaging Learning Environments and Teaching Maths for Mastery. These Trust-wide training days provide staff with the opportunity to share best practice and meet staff in a similar role.

Maths provision across the Trust

The Trust is delighted to announce that we are working with a specialist maths consultant, Robert Wilne, who will be working with us on maths provision across our schools. Robert has taught mathematics in both state and independent schools for 20 years and was previously the Head of Maths at Highgate School. He was also the founding Headmaster of London Academy of Excellence in Newham. Robert with be working across the Trust with Head teachers and Maths leads on an ongoing basis to develop the maths teaching to be the very best it can be.

Robert recently met with our maths coordinators at the Trust-wide INSET day on 3 January, where he discussed ‘Teaching Maths for Mastery: what is is, what it isn’t, and what it looks like in the classroom’. We are thrilled to have Robert on board and to offer an exciting maths curriculum. He has already spent a day at Watling Park School and provided initial ideas for developing maths and including reasoning as part of the maths lessons.

Learning Reviews

This month Bellevue Education will be conducting Learning Reviews across the schools. These reviews are a two day process which involves visiting the school and meeting with senior leaders. During these visits the Bellevue Education team will be looking at all aspects of educational delivery and will also be meeting with parents and key stakeholders. Due to four schools being in an Ofsted window, these visits will take place this month to highlight any recommendations for improvement. The other schools that are not expecting Ofsted will accompany an expecting school so that every school can take part.