BPET school hosts Thinking Matters Conference

We were delighted to host the Thinking Matters Hub Conference at Kilburn Grange School on Friday 10 November 2017. Thinking Schools is accredited by Exeter University, and develops the use of a number of techniques that support teachers in developing thinking and questioning skills as part of the school’s curriculum. Examples of techniques include Thinking Maps and Philosophy for children. This is the second Thinking Matters Hub event that has been held at one of the schools within our Trust.

The day conference was organised by Richard Cummins CEO of Thinking Matters and brought together Thinking School leaders from schools across the country. The conference also involved a presentation and discussion led by Dr Judith Kleine-Staarman on Dialogic Teaching. Judith Kleine-Staarman is Director of the Cognitive Education Development Unit at the University of Exeter. Attendees also had the opportunity to discuss examples of best practice, drawing on their personal experiences from working within schools.

At Bellevue Place Education Trust, we are in the process of working towards Thinking Schools accreditation across all of the seven schools. We were therefore excited that two teachers were able to attend this prestigious conference, from Rutherford House School and Whitehall Park School. These schools are already developing Thinking Maps and Blooms Taxonomy techniques.

The teacher from Rutherford House School described the event as “very useful, giving more ideas of how to embed Thinking Schools at Rutherford House”. Our teacher at Whitehall Park explained, “It was a useful session and we are already looking into using the MALS scoring system to produce quantitative data about the impact of the Thinking Schools approach”.

The Trust will continue to share best practice from Hub events with other Thinking School Leads in the BPET Trust.

For more information on Thinking Matters , click here.