Community Fund

Community Fund launched to provide 510 Christmas Hampers for our families most in need!

We are fundraising to provide Christmas Hampers to our families most in need

BPET runs eight schools across London and the South East, which offer a high quality education provision, with all schools rated Good, and three Outstanding, by OfSTED.  We serve children from a wide range of backgrounds and circumstances.

Did you know that within our BPET family schools, 22% of children qualify for Pupil Premium*? That means that at least 510 children across our Trust are classified as disadvantaged and we know that many of them and their families are living in relative poverty**.


Like other national campaigns, like the ‘End Child Poverty Campaign’, we are keen to ensure our families supported through lockdown and the tough times that many are unfortunately experiencing.

“We believe that, within our community is the power to help.”

BPET has created a “Community Fund” project which looks to raise funds from across our school, supplier and partner communities to help offer support to our families most in need.

To launch the Community Fund, our first aim is to provide families who receive pupil premium support with a hamper this winter.  We are working with our Catering Partner, Caterlink, to provide each of our 510 families with a Christmas Hamper, which will include Fruit and Vegetable staples as well as some Christmas Treats, see list below.  Each Hamper costs £22.50 to create.

We hope that families from across all of our schools who have secure incomes would consider contributing to our community fund, with either a one-off donation or a regular weekly or monthly donation. Sadly due to the COVID pandemic, many, usually the most vulnerable, have lost their access to a regular income and this is why we have created the community fund to provide ongoing support.


In the long term, we have further ideas to extend the offer of support to include contributing to essential school uniform, providing IT connectivity for Home Learning (be it a device or ongoing access to the internet) or the ability for pupils to attend holiday clubs and go on trips.

Your support will be put into the local communities we serve.  All money donated to our community Fund will be managed by BPET and will be distributed with care as part of a specific campaign. This page will report monthly on money raised and the good causes your contribution has enabled.


Initial Fundraising Target

Target: 510 Hampers for all Pupil Premium Families

Each £22.50 Christmas Hamper will contain:

1 packet each: Borders butterscotch crunch biscuit, mince pies, chocolate brioche swirls, large Kent cheese & onion crisps, large family tub of Christmas chocolate

1kg satsumas, 1kg bananas, 6 large mixed apples.

3kg potatoes, 1kg carrots, 1kg parsnips, 500g brussel sprouts and 1 large savoy cabbage.


Progress Report

Community Fund scheme was launched on 18 November 2020.  First progress report will be produced by 10 December 2020.


What is Pupil Premium?

*Pupil Premium is the extra funding given to schools from the UK government to help them improve the attainment of their disadvantaged pupils. The grant is designed to allow schools to help disadvantaged pupils by improving their progress and the exam results they achieve.

What is Poverty?

** The poverty line in the UK is defined as a household income below 60% of the average. This threshold is currently around £195 a week for a lone parent with two children. Using this definition there are over 3 million children living in poverty.

  • 30 per cent of children live in households below the poverty line (after housing costs).
  • ‘Poverty is when your resources are well below your minimum needs’. Poverty means not being able to heat your home, pay your rent, or buy the essentials for your children. – Joseph Rowntree Foundation












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