Deer Park School Planning Permission Accepted!

Excellent news for Deer Park School as planning permission is accepted

We are over the moon to announced that on the evening of 8th February, Richmond Planning Committee unanimously voted to accept the planning application for Deer Park School’s new building.

Deer Park School will have a new site at Ryde House, East Twickenham, which will be in a building shared with a Lidl supermarket. A shared site with a school is a UK first for Lidl and we are very excited for what this partnership will bring.

Artist impressions of new site at Ryde House

The much anticipated Planning Committee Meeting was situated in York House, Richmond and there was a huge turnout from parents and friends of the school. Stickers were placed on each supporter of the application and the overwhelming support for the school was very clear. The meeting had such a large turnout that there were not enough chairs and people were standing listening on the stairs outside. The atmosphere was quite something!


Once the planning details had been read out, each speaker gave their 3 minute speech with both supporting and opposition parties present. Alison Colenso, Head Teacher, gave an excellent, passionate speech explaining the clear need for this school, which was met with great support. To read the full speech, please click here.

Some extracts from the speech include:

“Deer Park School is unique. It opened despite the odds with a small number of pupils.  Our pupils who were unable to get a local school place. I made a promise to my founding parents that their child would get the gold standard of education for as little or as long as they were with me and I also inwardly made a promise that no other families should go through the same anxiety. Oh – and those families – they stayed. They are here.” 

Alison went on to directly quote a few pupils, Elise aged 4 “Please hurry up because we are all getting bigger” and Grace (also 4) “Please say yes quickly!”.

Later on, after some questions and deliberations from the committee, they were ready to make their decision. We were delighted that they unanimously voted yes! Apparently this is a first for the committee deciding on a school.

This ‘yes’ vote signifies the beginning of an exciting new chapter for Deer Park. The school can now move forward with arranging builders and a site team to build their new building. Excellent news just in time for half term!

We’d like to thank all the friends and families that have supported the school and the Trust along the way, and look forward to seeing the school continue to grow.

“Bellevue Place Education Trust is a pretty special place to work and I feel very, very priviledged right now.” Alison Colenso, 9th February.

Links to coverage in the Press

The article was on the front page of Schools Week and in the Richmond & Twickenham Times.

To watch the recording of the Planning Committee Meeting click here





Please see the video below for the artists impression of the new site.