Drone Footage of Deer Park School

Deer Park School have recently had some drone footage taken which gives an excellent un-seen prospective of their school.

As you can see from the video, Deer Park School is currently based in temporary accommodation in the car park of Richmond Adult Community College. The school is based here whilst they await the outcome of their requested planning permission with Lidl for a shared building which will hopefully end up being their permanent home (Ryde House) in East Twickenham. The demand for the school has always been in East Twickenham, but due to the lack of available temporary sites, they are currently based in Richmond. This means many parents are having to travel an extra distance to take their child to school. Nevertheless, there is a very strong support for the school and parents gladly make this journey to Deer Park. This is because despite having a limited amount of space, the staff have created a very welcoming and nurturing environment for learning and the children love it. As soon as you walk through the doors of Deer Park, this becomes very apparent.

The future for Deer Park School is exciting. The Planning Committee will be making a decision on Ryde House on 8th February. Head Teacher Alison Colenso is very much looking forward to this and we hope it will signify the beginning of a new chapter for the school.

Current site of Deer Park School


Artist impression of new site – Ryde House, East Twickenham