Enrichment Fund

As all the schools within the Bellevue Place Education Trust are new schools, this means that there is a gradual growth of pupils every year until the school is full.  Our first school, Rutherford House, became full in September 2019 and the last to be built, Deer Park School, is not expected to be full until September 2024.

This means that most of our schools with completed buildings will have vacant space for a number of years that can be rented.  The Trust has developed relationships with partner organisations*, who are children’s charities, that are seeking office accommodation for a temporary period, or to reduce their overheads for a few years.  The income for these rental agreements goes into the BPET Enrichment Fund, to invest into staff development and pupil enrichment opportunities across the Trust.

Enrichment Fund Activities

Below is an overview of the additional activities we have been able to fund, through the Enrichment Fund:

BPET Emerging Leaders Programme

This three day programme is for emerging leaders, focussed at our new Assistant and Deputy Heads – who are looking to further develop their leadership and management skills. The programme will support the drive for improvement and successfully develop leadership knowledge, skills and confidence. As part of the programme participants will develop a school based leadership project to focus and apply their learning. This will relate to areas for development from their own school development plan.

During the programme you will:

  • explore the characteristics of successful leaders and leadership;
  • explore how to undertake the accountability role of the subject/team/middle leader in school self-evaluation and school improvement;
  • review, and explore the further development of personal and inter-personal leadership skills;
  • consider how to lead others – supporting and challenging individuals and teams;
  • develop strategies for courageous conversations;
  • lead a change in your school, developing a school based and practical leadership project.

Programme Facilitator is Nigel Battey, who has worked with the BPET schools for over three years, with leadership development support.

Driving Maths with strong reasoning skills

BPET works with a maths consultant, Robert Wilne, to develop the maths teaching in BPET schools to be the very best it can be, rather than in response to an issue or problem.  Providing teachers and class based staff with strong professional development to embed long-term mastery of maths. Pupils will succeed in maths (in particular, at end-of-key-stage assessment points), and also they will enjoy it, and be confident with it, and will go to their secondary schools ready for continuing success.

For each of the BPET school, they get five visits an academic year with Robert:

  • joining the maths lessons taking place;
  • looking at pupils’ written work in maths, and talk to a small group of them in each class to assess their conceptual understanding as well as their technical skills;
  • discussing with the teacher(s) their lesson(s), in a coaching capacity;
  • reviewing maths documents, such as medium- and long-term plans and any maths-specific policies;
  • reviewing the ‘maths fabric’ of the school: displays, resources, manipulatives etc;
  • discussing with the teachers and the headteacher what training they feel they need.

A report is provided to the headteacher, including relevant evidence from the discussions and activities during the day.   In addition, Robert brings together the maths leads four times a year and also feeds into the Trust-wide INSET day in January.

We measure the effectiveness of this work through:

  • formal observations of lessons;
  • learning walks;
  • assessment data;
  • qualitative feedback from teachers, pupils, and perhaps also parents / carers;
  • inspection judgements.

Thinking Schools

Trustees have set a target for all schools to become accredited Thinking Schools and have invested in the training of staff, starting with Thinking Maps training in March 2017. Within each school, Thinking Schools Coordinators are allocated the task of supporting teachers to have Thinking Schools techniques in all lessons, supporting pupils’ problem solving and approach to tasks.

On 9 November 2018, Rutherford House School hosted a Thinking Matters Hub Conference, which has previously been hosted at Kilburn Grange School and Whitehall Park School. The day conference was organised by Richard Cummins CEO of Thinking Matters and brought together Thinking School leaders from schools across the country.

The second strand of Thinking Schools the Trust has chosen to develop is ‘Philosophy for Children’ (P4C).  Headteachers and Thinking Schools leads attended training delivered by Roger Sutcliffe, former president of Sapphire, who oversee the P4C development.  Topics of the training included ‘Philosophical questioning – what it is, why it is important in education, and how to cultivate it’.  This is now being rolled out through our schools, with the aim of 1 hour of philosophy a week within the schools.

Trust-wide Inset Day Training

The Trust holds annual shared Inset days every January which bring together all staff from across the Trust. This is an opportunity to share best practice and new ideas through a structured training programme that includes; Developing Outstanding EYFS Practice, Subject Leader Training, Developing the Computing Curriculum, Forest School Learning, Creating an Engaging Learning Environment, Developing Middle Leaders, Growth Mindset, Exciting Physical Education, Peer Sharing and much more.

Inter-Trust Sports Competitions

The enrichment fund is providing an exciting opportunity for sports competitions between the Trust schools.  All schools compete in their local areas and we are looking at how the schools can compete across the Trust, with the possibility of a BPET sports day at the end of the academic year.

For 2020/21 our Sports Coordinator will ensure a wide variety of inter-Trust fixtures to enable all schools to meet and compete against each other across a range of sports including football, cricket, netball and tennis.

Updated: August 2020