Excellent Parental Survey Results 2016

Excellent Parental Survey Results in 2016

The Trust conducts a parental survey for the parents of all 500 pupils across the seven Trust schools.  This is a vital source of information to understand how satisfied our parents are with the school their child attends and provides an important mechanism for parents to feedback comments for the Headteacher, Local Governing Body and Trust Board.

The results of this survey demonstrate that our parents are our greatest advocates, who are hugely supportive of the schools and staff their child(ren) attend. The vast majority would recommend the school and value the ethos and curriculum of the school offers, which is strongly developing their child’s understanding and independence.

Below is the combined total of the parental responses:

  • 97% of parents and carers strongly agree or agree that their child enjoys coming to school
  • 90% ranked their response as highly likely or likely to recommend a Bellevue Place Education Trust School to their friends
  • 92% of parents and carers strongly agree or agree that the school develops a child’s independence and responsibility
  • 92% of parents and carers strongly agree or agree that the school’s values and attitudes have a positive effect on my child
  • 89% of the parents and carers are satisfied with the leadership and management of the school

These results show there is clear support for the schools, with pupils really enjoying coming to school, as shown by some of the testimonials below:

“My daughter loves her school! We have a strong community spirit and it is a privilege to be part of Rutherford House School.”

“Excellent teaching staff and balanced curriculum make Braywick Court School a great school to be with.”

“Whitehall Park has been the most wonderful blessing. Our children are thriving and blossoming in their second year at this very special school. The strong sense of community and family combined with an outstanding team with a phenomenal sense of passion and commitment for each child is very unique indeed.”

“Halley House encourages individualism among its pupils meaning the children are confident, focused and well rounded. The scope of the curriculum means a variety of subjects and ideas are available for them to explore setting them in good stead for the future. I am very happy with my child’s progress in this school.”

“Attending Deer Park has been a wonderful experience. The children as very welcoming to each other and it is clear that the staff has had a positive impact on the children and how they interact.”

“We feel quite blessed that we found Kilburn Grange for our daughter. She is thriving and developing into a balanced young lady. The academic standards are quite up there in terms of the curriculum and the manner its delivered. The school’s approach to developing smart brains alongside caring hearts and broadened minds is very impressive and commendable. You can tell that the school is very ambitious and it will only get better and grow from strength to strength. I am delighted to know that my daughter will benefit from every stride that they take.”

“Watling Park School brings the best out of its pupils. My son settled in amazingly quickly and gained confidence in leaps and bounds since September.”