First ever Debate Competition

Thirty-six children from five BPET schools met yesterday for our first ever Debate Competition.

Led by the director of Noisy Classroom Debbie Newman, the children were assigned a topic and a position to argue for, splitting into teams representing the ayes or the nos for each topic.

After a little preparation, the children stepped into their seats, ready to describe their positions on topics such as ‘is being famous a good thing” or “should children be allowed mobile phones” and vehemently argued with their counterparts! Time keeping and the chairing of each debate was handled by children from a third school in order to keep impartiality. The audience was also called upon asking questions and commenting on the arguments brought forward by each party before motions were passed or rejected.

The children were very respectful of each other’s points of view, stood up to speak, asked to intervene when appropriate and did not interrupt one another.

The overall winners
The overall winners

The winners of the debate competition were the children from Deer Park School who took home a golden trophy, with runners-up being Rutherford House School (morning session) and Evendons Primary School (afternoon session). Halley House School and Kilburn Grange school also won individual debates throughout the day, so all of the teams were winners! All children were presented with a certificate for taking part and providing some great challenge.

Debbie Newman said: “It was terrific to see the huge amount of progress made throughout the day, with the pupils really developing their confidence and willingness to think on their feet and engage with the other side of the debate”.

The BPET newly appointed Head of Marketing and Communications Flavia Cerrone said: “I was very impressed by the quality of the debates, the arguments put forward by the children, and the respectful behaviour they showed towards one another. I can tell we have some future politicians sitting right here in our classrooms! Well done to everyone, I wish I had such an opportunity when I was at school”.

“I wish I wasn’t in Year 6 so I could do it all over again!”