Ms Alison Hatch Appointed at Headteacher Whitehall Park School

We are delighted to announce that Ms Alison Hatch has been appointed as the permanent Headteacher for Whitehall Park School.

Mark Greatrex, CEO BPET said in his letter to Whitehall Parents

“Ms Hatch demonstrated the vision and passion for delivering the highest standards of education for the pupils at Whitehall Park School. She brings an open, friendly and collegiate approach to school leadership where children are at the centre of her approach, so they can learn with the breadth of experience and opportunity we are seeking to give all pupils.

In the few months Ms Hatch has been the interim leader of Whitehall Park School, we have been impressed with the relationships she has built across the school, where new staff are clear on their role and the direction the school is going, with a clear vision of where she wants the school to be.

This has been a great start and now Ms Hatch has been appointed permanently, we can quickly move to establishing more of the excellent practice Whitehall Park School is known for, with a relentless focus on high standards across all subject areas and a richness to the curriculum.”

Read the full announcement here.