Outcome of Halley House School 1FE Consultation

Halley House School Admissions Consultation

This is a report summarising the statutory consultation under the S.142 of the Schools Admission Code, requiring “all admissions authorities must consult on their admissions arrangements that will apply for admission applications [in] the follow school year.”

The Trustees of Bellevue Place Education Trust have proposed the reduction of the admissions Halley House School from the currently planned 60 pupils per year, to a Planned Admission Number of 30 pupils per year, starting with the pupil admissions for September 2019.

The consultation ran from 1 December 2017 until 26 January 2018 and this report sets out the responses to this consultation.  The consultation was advertised on both the Bellevue Place Education Trust website, www.bpet.co.uk and Halley House School website, www.halleyhouseschool.org.uk, with comments either in support or against the proposal emailed to info@bpet.co.uk.

The consultation was sent for the attention of the following stakeholders:

  • Parents of children currently at the school
    • 3 parents responded, 2 which supported the application and 1 that was neither for or against
  • School staff
    • 1 staff member expressed concerns around whether a reduction will effect funding
  • Primary schools and pre-school providers within a 1.5 mile radius
    • 70 + nurseries in the local area, with no comments received
  • Hackney Learning Trust
    • 4 key contacts within Hackney Learning Trust
  • Key contacts within neighbouring local authorities
    • Five staff from local councils – (Tower Hamlets, Newham, Waltham Forest, Islington and Haringey). Two no comment responses were received.


  • FOR “I’m a parent at Halley House and I support the idea to decrease the reception places to 30, there isn’t enough space”. Year 2 Parent
  • FOR “I am in total agreement about the reduction in pupil numbers. I think it would be extremely beneficial to reduce the number from the next academic year”. Reception Parent
  • FOR “Given the current reception allocations for the school for September 2017, your concerns about the limited outdoor play space, and the current level of surplus reception places in Hackney, we share your view that a permanent reduction in the school’s PAN would be a sensible course of action at this time”. Anne Canning, Group Direction, Hackney Service Centre. April 2017


The results of this consultation will be sent to the Trustees of Bellevue Place Education Trust, who will take the detailed responses into account and consider an application to the Department for Education on the proposal to amend the Planned Admission Number at Halley House School.