Parent Survey Results 2019

We are very grateful to our parents who have completed our annual parents survey, which provides invaluable feedback and ideas for improving child’s education experience. We place a great emphasis on regular review and improvement, with input considered carefully from all of our key stakeholders – this is factored into the planning for the following academic year. The annual BPET Parental Surveys was sent out in June 2019 and yet again, we have received very positive feedback across our schools.

Overall, we are delighted to say that 95% of parents agree or strong agree that their child enjoys coming to school and 93% of respondents would recommend a BPET school to their friends – which is the same excellent feedback as we received last year.

Across BPET, parents responses show they are very happy with their child’s education, across the seven schools and in addition:

  • 94% of parents and carers strongly agree or agree that their school’s values and attitudes have a positive effect on their child
  • 92% of parents and carers strongly agree or agree that their school develops their child’s independence and responsibility
  • 88% of parents and carers are satisfied with the leadership and management of their school

These positive response are a testimont to the hard work and dedication put in by staff teams across the year for the benefit of our 1,400 pupils. These positive results continue as strong as previous years, though our schools continue to grow every year.

All schools have written to parents, setting out the areas that have been identified for improvement and what we are developing to achieve this improvement. These include ideas for clubs next year, better communication with parents, especially where information is given about pupils performance and investment into playgrounds equipment in our new schools.

To emphasis these positive survey outcome, parents have again left testimonials they are happy we share across our seven schools, below:

Halley House School is an exceptional school with great school values, my children learn, succeed and enjoy all that Halley has to offer and has already achieved a lot in a short space of time being pupils at the school. I’m a very happy and proud parent with my children attending here.

From the very first day, our son was totally in love with his new school. Everything about the school appealed to him. The uniform made him look smart, the children’s behaviour was well managed, and everyone was working hard to learn. His teachers were wonderful and he was made to feel at home from the outset. At the same time, he was given a chance to explore and learn what he liked best and choose his teacher. He loves being at Kilburn Grange School and never wants to miss a day.

We feel so happy to have chosen Braywick Court School for our daughter. It has an extremely nurturing environment where the children feel happy and keen to learn. The teachers and staff know each child on an individual basis and this makes each and every one feel special. In addition to the curriculum there are lots of extra opportunities for the children to learn and play sport at the excellent after school clubs.

We are very lucky to be a part of Deer Park School. My child loves going to school and is doing very well academically, thanks to his wonderful, dedicated teachers. The school offers a broad curriculum and enhances learning through extra activities, such as trips to London museums, local attractions and even the seaside! The school has a strong leadership, dedicated and approachable staff, friendly, caring environment. I couldn’t have asked for a better school.

Whitehall Park School is a positive and stimulating school, with inspiring teaching staff and a beautiful facility, that all together nurtures the child’s growth mindset and love of learning.

Rutherford House School is an inspiration to education and creates free thinking, confident individuals I am so proud of all of the wonderful things my daughter has done and achieved at the end of each day and what the brilliant staff, teaching and non teaching have created!

My son has excelled at Watling Park School. He loves to learn and the encouragement from the teachers is amazing. They share methods with myself to make sure he continues to enjoy learning. I love how enthusiastic he gets telling me different facts about the various topics…. Thank you