Results of recent New Parent Surveys for BPET Schools

As the Trust for seven schools we take monitoring performance very seriously and undertake a regular ‘New Parent’ survey during the first half-term of the autumn term. The purpose of the survey is to see how well our new children, and parents/carers, are settling into school and to also review our induction and welcoming processes to see what may be improved in future.

This year we only surveyed 6 of the 7 schools as the time of the survey was just as Braywick Court School was moving to its new location. We will survey this school during Autumn 2 half-term.

Across the 6 schools the average response rate was 81%, which knowing some families already have sibling pupils in the school is a fantastic level of engagement.

The key data we are so pleased to share is as follows:

97% of respondents said their child ‘had settled Well or Very Well’ into their BPET School.

92% rated their ‘overall experience of their BPET school so far as Good or Excellent’.

96% of respondent said they were ‘Highly Likely’ to recommend their BPET School to their friends.

Here are some amazing statements of feedback from respondents:

“We love Watling Park.”

“I am very pleased with the evolution of my child, she always comes happy from school and always with new things learned. Many thanks to the teacher for their patience!”

“You have great skilled people who care!”

”My daughter couldn’t have been happier to start school. She loves her teachers and has made great friends.”

“I think the reception teams in both classes are really passionate about teaching and that is reflecting on the kids.  They love it. Thanks for all your hard work.”

”Excellent Induction – Kind, considerate, firm, setting high expectations and really welcoming.”

“I feel the discipline and sense of pride in the school is palpable. Very good indeed.”

“It’s a wonderful school, both, myself and my partner are very impressed with the rich curriculum and beginning to see my son thrive through learning and becoming more confident! Well done to all the staff for making my son shine.”

We would like to Thank every parent or carer who took the time to give us feedback.

Our next survey will be in Spring/Summer 2020 when we complete an all school survey on performance.

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