Rivermead Primary School joins BPET

Bellevue Place Education Trust is delighted to welcome Rivermead Primary School

Rivermead Primary School will join the family of nine schools who are part of the Bellevue Place Education Trust (BPET) early next year. This will be the 10th school in the trust’s 10th year of existence, a milestone BPET is very proud of.

The Rivermead Primary School’s Governors were considering two trusts to potentially join, but felt that BPET offered a wider capacity to support improvements with well-developed systems and structures for the school to benefit from, along with its strong vision and ethos.

BPET has a track record of effective improvements of primary schools, both logistically as well as educationally. Successes include the implementation of green policies, cost savings processes, and the creation of a team of Trust Champions: expert teachers who support their colleagues across the whole set of schools. The Department of Education has signed off the process confident in BPET’s ability to support Rivermead Primary School.

Brian Prebble, Headteacher of Rivermead Primary School said: “We are looking forward to have all formalities completed so that we can start the conversion process. Being part of a larger group means that support is available when needed, and we are looking forward to taking advantage of the trust’s experience in operating schools effectively”.

Laura Gregory, Director of Education of BPET, says: “It is always exciting when a new school joins us, not only because we can support them in their work, but also because we learn from their successes which strengthen our family of schools as a whole”.

Mark Greatrex, Chief Executive of BPET said: “We are delighted to welcome Rivermead to our group. Ten schools in ten years is a great achievement, and a testimony to the quality of our work. We are looking forward to working with them, share best practices, educational expertise and offer logistical support”.

Press release – 14 November 2022