School Improvement Contract Awarded

Bellevue Place Education Trust maintains seven Free School across London and Maidenhead, with part of its function to monitor and support the educational standards within the schools.

To conduct this function, the Trust has a School Improvement contract with an external provider, who conduct a review cycle to ensure the standards of education are high and supports the delivery of the Trust’s vision.

The School Improvement contract came to an end in August 2016 and the Board of Trustees agreed to procure a new provider in line with our procurement policy.  The Trust engaged an Independent Procurement Consultant (IPC) to ensure the procurement process was being conducted in a legally compliant & fit for purpose manner. The contract tendered was for the next three years (with options to extend the contract by a further two years).

The procurement process was a “Restricted” procurement procedure as defined by the Public Contracts Regulations 2015, which contains an initial “Open” stage at which point  the opportunity is available to the whole market before being evaluated and subsequently “Restricted” to the operators in the market who have been successful at the “Open” stage.

The procurement procedure has a two-stage process.  In the first stage, the “Pre-Qualification Questionnaire” (P.Q.Q.) tenderers submit answers to questions to enable the Trust to do some high level due diligence (financial security, other work of similar nature etc.).  On 7 June 2016 a contract notice was placed on Contract Finder website with an initial tender end date of 7 July 2016.  On 21 July 2016, the P.Q.Q. stage ended with a total of 16 tenderers having submitted responses.  This  very high interest in the Trust was encouraging and through the scoring criteria, these 16 tenderers were cut down to 6 shortlisted suppliers, who were invited through to the second stage, which is titled the “Invitation To Tender” (I.T.T.) stage.

The I.T.T was issued to the six shortlisted tenderers from the P.Q.Q stage on 3 August 2016 with a closing date of 26 August 2016.  During the course of the I.T.T stage being live, three tenderers submitted formal communications to BPET stating, for various reasons, that they would not be tendering and submitting bids at the I.T.T stage.

On Friday 26th August three submissions were received from credible education improvement providers.  The evaluation of the I.T.T’s took place on Thursday 1st & Friday 2nd September. The “Qualitative”/ “Technical” section of the I.T.T had a weighting of 70% with the “Commercial”/ “Pricing” section of the I.T.T had a weighting of 30%.  Following initial scoring, on 5th September, a number of clarification questions were issued in regard to the commercial / pricing section.

The Evaluation has produced a winning tenderer of Bellevue Education Group having scored 78 out of 100 in the “Qualitative”/ “Technical” and a “Commercial”/ “Pricing” score was 30.00 out of a weighted score of 30%.  Combined score gives a total score for Bellevue Education Group of 84.60.  The table below shows the scoring against the other two I.T.T submissions.

The non-conflicted Trustees on the Board approved the successful supplier on 8 September 2016 and the award letters were sent out on 12 September, initiating a “Standstill Period” of 10 calendar days.  No challenges were brought from unsuccessful tenderers and we are therefore now formally in contract with Bellevue Education Group. The contract was signed on 4 October 2016.

The Trust’s Chief Executive, Mark Greatrex, stated that “We are delighted to be working with Bellevue Education Group, who have a wealth of expertise in the schools and have undergone a rigorous procurement process. They will support and enrich the provision in our Free Schools, while delivering our vision for the best of the Independent and state sector for the communities we serve.”