School Improvement Review Cycle EYFS visits

Throughout April, EYFS visits have been taking place to all schools as part of our regular School Improvement Review Cycle. The purpose of these visits is to provide an overview and recommend any areas of improvement to the Early Years provision in our schools.These are led by Early Years experts from the Independent schools that we are linked with.

The visits consist of six key assessment areas, including; Attendance, Behaviour and Welfare analysis, pupil interviews around work and school experience, and reviews of progress against overarching appraisal targets.The full School Improvement Review Cycle consists of five visits to each school throughout the academic year, each with a separate focus in line with the Ofsted inspection criteria. The Review Cycle provides the Trust with an overview of the performance of each of our schools, as well as supporting Heads with their improvement strategies. These reviews are always linked to the underlying vision of the Trust and help us to verify best practice by evidencing the quality of teaching, learning and assessment.