Successful Trust Wide Staff Training Day

On 4 January 2016, all staff across the seven BPET schools came together for a Trust wide training day at Rutherford House School in South London.

The day was structured with four sessions aimed at senior and middle leaders, teachers, support staff and office staff, with four sessions for each of an hour duration.  The subject areas ranged from ‘Mastery approached for subject leaders’; ‘Thinking Skills’ ‘Talk for Writing’ and ‘Supporting children with speech and language needs’ along with Finance and Parent Pay training.

The sessions were delivered by the Headteachers – well structured and with a good pace, the feedback from staff was extremely positive, with all session rated an average 7 out of 10, three getting 9 out of 10 (10 being excellent).

All comments left were positive like ‘Thinking Skills was excellent – excited about using some ideas given’, ‘Session timed perfectly – well organised’, ‘Talk for Writing was fantastic – lots of great examples’ and ‘It was great to fit so much into one day!  It was fast paced & interesting’

The whole staff group also were provided with vital Prevent Training too.  This training forms part of the passion the Trust has for Continuing Professional Development (CPD) for all staff and will developed into more focused sharing sessions across the schools, making best use of the outstanding practice within all the BPET schools.