BPET Annual Conference 2022

Delighted to have hosted the annual BPET Conference on 31 October 2022 at DoubleTree by Hilton, Docklands.

All BPET staff across our nine schools were invited to take part our annual conference which took place on an inset day. We offered over 50 workshops for staff to take part in to upskill, refresh and gain new insights from exceptional education leaders and thinkers.

The day was opened by BPET’s CEO and Director of Education, followed by the keynote speakers Annie Boate, author of bestselling A Coaching Revolution, and Monica Austin who shared the benefits of a coaching culture, as well as practical strategies for embedding such a culture in schools.

After the keynote speech, the audience split into various workshops which covered all aspects of education, from homework marking to playground management, as well as best practices in school’s maths delivery, core elements from English provision and profiling of staff teams to get the best out of the team. All sessions were carefully designed to offer staff the best training for their own personal development, as well as making their working lives easier.

Highlights were the presentation by Daisy Christodoulou, from No More Marking, about comparative judgement assessment and the use advantage of artificial intelligence in marking pupils’ work, as well as managing a playground thought guided playtime. Participants of the session “How to successfully manage a school budget” were in for a treat, as the BPET Director of Finance run a competition as part of her session offering chocolates to the winners!

We organise initiatives such as this in order to create a culture of collaboration between schools, support teachers and staff in their work, foster their passion and commitment to upskilling and drive achievement for all our 3,000 pupils.



CPD as a Best Practice Network Delivery Partner

March 2022: We at BPET are very proud to invest such a lot of time and effort in our continued professional development (CPD) offering for our staff as well as external participants, mainly focusing on middle and senior leaders through the National Professional Qualifications (NPQs). This blog article gives you a flavour of what we deliver on an annual basis.


In the last year we have delivered 17 training programmes as a Best Practice Delivery Partner, most are NPQ’s which are the professional training pathway for school leaders.

BPET deliver Best Practice Network (BPN) programmes under their umbrella organisation ‘Outstanding Leaders Partnership’ (OLP). Our own senior leaders and Headteachers have been trained to be course facilitators. So far 10 members of staff have been trained, however this is an opportunity for all senior leaders to engage with and we look forward to developing more.

Alongside course content, the programmes enable our leaders to gain facilitation skills, access to current industry research, leadership thinking and information on the wider educational climate, all of which they can take back into their own schools and use with BPET staff.

BPN are audited by the Department for Education (DfE) as an ‘exceptional provider’ and are the largest NPQ provider in the UK.  We are proud to be one of their delivery partners and are delighted to confirm that external participants want to attend programmes led by BPET staff. To-date we have trained 193 leaders, 30 of which have been BPET staff members. This year we currently have 159 participants engaging with the programmes and attending our sessions.  Attendees can enrol in either an Autumn or Spring cohort each year and the programmes are typically delivered for one year.  As well as attending face to face facilitated sessions, participants also undertake online courses and research, they typically have to lead a project that will have a direct impact in their school or another school. Attendees have to meet a strict qualification criterion.

As a training provider we are audited, with members of OLP coming to observe our programme delivery and review course feedback.  We are delighted to share the most recent feedback we have been given:


Looking Forward: New BPN NPQLL (Leading Literacy) in development

Best Practice Network is working with a series of educational institutions, including the newest BPET member Whiteknights School, Wokingham on a Leading Literacy NPQ.  Whiteknights are one of the very few UK English Hubs. Together they will work in partnership to write the national professional qualification programme which will be rolled out across the UK by BPN delivery partners. We at BPET really look forward to this development and the opportunity to be involved in the delivery.