Introduction of our New Head Teacher for Kilburn Grange School

The Trust is delighted to announce that, following a competitive recruitment process, Mr Rob Farrell has been appointed as the new Headteacher for Kilburn Grange School. Read the formal announcement here.

Mr Farrell joins Kilburn Grange School (KGS) with over 20 years’ experience in the education sector, most recently as Headteacher at Oliver House School, an independent school in Clapham. He has enjoyed an interesting and varied career so far, working across both the state and independent sectors, at primary and secondary level.

Mr Farrell will join KGS on 1 September 2020, although we hope to arrange a visit before so he can learn more about the school and to talk to staff and pupils. We will also arrange a meeting as soon as we are able, where parents will have the opportunity to meet Rob and hear his ideas and aspirations forthe school in person.

Rob Farrell, will join KGS on 1st September 2020In the meantime, we took the opportunity to ask Rob some questions so the school community could get to know a little about him …

Q: What motivated you to become a teacher?

My older sister was the first teacher in our family so there was certainly some inspiration there. Like many teenagers I did consider a number of possible careers while studying for my A-Levels, but teaching was the only one that truly inspired and excited me. The opportunity to make a positive impact on the lives of young people makes teaching an incredibly rewarding profession. I have enjoyed a varied and interesting career working with children of all ages and I feel very privileged to have been able to do something that I love for all of these years.

Q: Looking back to your time as a Head teacher, what are some of the things you are proudest of?

A: I am proud of the many areas of progress that the school made in my time as headteacher. This progress that was only possible through a positive atmosphere of collaboration, purpose and shared vision amongst stakeholders. Looking back, most importantly, I am proud of the many achievements of all of the children. It is incredibly important to me that I know each child well and I enjoyed visiting classrooms regularly to hear about their daily accomplishments. These opportunities to share in a child’s success and celebrate their good news are what makes the role of a headteacher such a special one.

Q: Tell us one fact about yourself that we would not find on your CV …

A: I love playing and watching a range of sports and coach my son’s football team on a Saturday morning. He’s a goalkeeper, a position I played at school.

Q: What attracted you to the role at Kilburn Grange and what is your vision for taking the school forward?

A: I am delighted to be joining Kilburn Grange at such an exciting point in the school’s development. With the first Year 5 class due to start in September, it is a wonderful opportunity to help shape a successful future for the school and build on the good work that has taken place since Kilburn Grange opened in 2015.

I am really looking forward to working with a dedicated and talented staff team, taking the school onwards on its journey to becoming an outstanding school that is an important part of the local community. The BPET vision for children in its schools is one that I share. It is a vision of schools as places where children are happy, love learning and are surrounded by exciting opportunities that enrich their educational experience.

I can’t wait to get started and begin working with the wonderful children in Kilburn Grange. I will be doing all that I can to ensure that their experience of primary school is one that they will look back on with great fondness. My aim is to ensure that all of our children reach their potential and feel good about themselves. I want them to look ahead to the future with excitement, confident in their many talents and keen to contribute to society in a positive way.

Introduction to our new Head Teacher for Whitehall Park School

We are delighted that after an open and competitive recruitment process, Miss Helen Tyler has been appointed as the new Headteacher at Whitehall Park School to start on 1 September 2020.

Miss Tyler joins us with over 20 years Headship experience and is currently the Headteacher at St. Joseph’s Catholic Primary School in Camden. Having been there as Headteacher for 13 years, in that time achieving an Outstanding grade by OfSTED and with the school currently rated as Good with Outstanding features.

Miss Tyler is seeking a new challenge, working in a bigger school, closer to her home . We, at BPET ,are very excited about Helen’s experience and passion that she will bring to Whitehall Park School (WPS).

Helen Tyler will join Whitehll Park as Head Teacher on 1 September 2020

We took the opportunity to ask Helen some questions so the school community could get to know a little about her …

Q: What motivated you to become a teacher?

A: Without doubt my own very happy experiences at primary school inspired me to become a teacher. My wonderful class teachers imbued in me a love of learning, a determination to do well and above all a love of reading for pleasure and for scholarship. These things have stayed with me and influenced all I’ve done as a teacher.

At school and with my family I also developed an early passion for animal welfare, wildlife and the need for everyone to become a responsible global citizen. As a teacher I felt I could influence all the pupils I taught with the same commitments and encourage them to make their voices heard when they had something important to say, whether through writing to the PM or through fund raising, etc.

Above all I have been driven by the need for equality of opportunity for all those I taught. I have always worked to enable my pupils to excel, whatever their starting points and aspirations, and like the young me to develop a love of learning, a determination to do well and above all a love of reading for pleasure and for scholarship.

My teachers knew me really well, challenged me and encouraged me never to give up. They instilled in me a belief that anything is possible. I wanted to do the same for others through teaching. It is a privilege to take part in shaping the next generation. I will leave a wonderful legacy if I am able to do this for every child in my care at WPS.

Q: Looking back to your time as a Head teacher, what are some of the things you are proudest of?

A: I am proudest and feel most privileged that as a headteacher I have been able to influence staff to share my vision for excellence and equality. The quality of learning is only as good as the teaching, so I have tried to appoint the best teachers and the best leaders to drive forward towards excellence and to meet aspirational targets. I am proud that there are many great headteachers, deputy headteachers, subject leaders (and the odd Ofsted Inspector!) dotted across London who started their early careers under my leadership and expectations. I am proudest of knowing that pupils make excellent progress at St Joseph’s because of the outstanding teaching they receive and the additional support offered for those who need it.

I am proud that I know every pupil and their families well and that parents feel I am approachable. I am able to discuss their child’s learning (progress, standards, targets and so on) but importantly I know each child for the unique and special individual s/he is. Knowing pupils’ character, personality, talents, interests, dreams and aspirations, enables the staff to help them achieve their ambitions. I am proud that I have always encouraged pupils to read and helped parents to understand their role in this endeavour.

I am proud that so many children come back to visit – often in their first week of secondary school and regularly for years afterwards and it gives me great pleasure to hear of successes in their new school and their great memories of St Joseph’s. The biggest thank you I could ask for is when they share a great school report, have made it into a sports team, achieve the grades they need to go to university and talk about environmental projects and new friendships.

Music is at the heart of the curriculum and children are given a huge range of opportunities to sing as a class, as soloists or in a choir, in concerts, in assembly and to join different orchestras. This is particularly important in St Joseph’s where family resource can’t run to music lessons. I’m proud that music rings out in the heart of the city.

Tell us a couple of facts about yourself that we would not find on your CV …

  • I love bird watching especially in West Africa.
  • I love watching football!
  • I am a pet patroller for lost pets!
  • I would love to learn to surf!

Q: What attracted you to the role at Whitehall Park and what is your vision for taking the school forward?

A: It was the WPS’s vision that captured my interest. High expectations for all pupils, academic, personal and social resonate fully with my own vision. I also completely agree with a curriculum which is rooted in a whole-school consensus that every child learns, enjoys and succeeds.

During my visit, the vibrancy of WPS was evident in purposeful learning and the creative high quality of the displays. The commitment to a values-based, enriched curriculum, becoming an accredited “Thinking School” and strong partnerships, particularly with parents, was a joy to hear. I knew immediately it was the school that I was looking for in my next post and would love to lead.

As the new Headteacher I will fully embrace the school’s vision to become a centre of excellence for every pupil. I will build on the achievements and strategies already in place and talk to current leaders about their action plans and targets. It will be important that I get to know and understand the school’s community in order to draw up a clear values-based development plan which is understood by all. I will make sure there is a smooth transition to avoid loss of momentum and reassure parents who might be concerned about any possible adverse impact from the change of leadership. I will get to know everyone in our school community as soon as possible.

Safeguarding, personal development and well-being will continue to be at the heart of WPS so that the children are safe, feel safe, and feel really good about themselves and their learning. I will ensure total commitment to the well-being and achievement of every child.

My vison is to establish an exceptional quality of education in every classroom, a broad, balanced and enriched curriculum that is highly ambitious for all and provides the life skills and experiences pupils need to succeed in all areas of life. I will highlight academic rigour and place a strong emphasis on the performing and visual arts and sport. I value the joy of childhood, one that is full of awe and wonder. I will quality assure a curriculum that is highly inclusive, designed to develop each pupil as a whole person and which draws on their gifts and talents so that they acquire the skills, knowledge, understanding and experiences that will enrich their life now and in the future. I want all pupils to be confident, articulate, resourceful, resilient and more than ready to move on to secondary school, and they will be under my leadership.

We look forward to welcoming Helen in September 2020.

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Introduction to our new Head Teacher for Deer Park School

Further to our search for a new permanent Head Teacher for Deer Park School, Richmond-upon-Thames we can confirm that in March we appointed Mr Alex Lee. Read our announcement here.

Alex Lee will join Deer Park School as Head Teacher on 1 September 2020

April 2020: We took the opportunity to ask Alex some questions so the school communities can learn more about him before he joins us …

Q: What motivated you to become a Headteacher?

A: Throughout my career, my motivation has remained the same in each post I have held: to provide an excellent quality of learning and personal development for the children under my care. An excellent education enables social mobility, bridges societal divides, and affords children the full spectrum of opportunity. As I move to the role of Headteacher of Deer Park, enacting this impact for the children remains my motivation: I look forward to joining a successful team in realising this ideal.


Q: Looking back to your time as a teacher, what are some of the things you are proudest of?

A: I am proud to have worked with some truly exceptional educators, and within teams of cohesion, direction and moral purpose. However, it is the little, individual stories of progress which remain special for me. The smaller, personal instances of a child’s success and development, and the hard work that paid off in helping them to get there: these light-bulb moments are little encapsulations of what makes teaching such a wonderful, inimitable profession.

Q: Tell us one fact about yourself that we would not find on your CV …

A: My family and I love to explore. Last year the Italian coastline, this year Patagonia; at present my daughter surveys the scenery from the baby-carrier, but we have high hopes for her carrying her own backpack in future years. Prior to a career in education, I worked in West and Southern Africa, played sport in New Zealand, and spent four years at an American university. While we now only explore during the school holidays, my family and I love traversing new landscapes, cultures and experiences.

Q: What attracted you to the role at Deer Park and what is your vision for taking the school forward?

A: I feel privileged to be joining Deer Park at this juncture in the school’s journey. The evident commitment of the staff and community, the high expectations, and the clearly articulated BPET vision afford the school a unique opportunity; to build on excellent foundations to become a truly exceptional school for the children and community. The school’s well-deserved reputation for high standards and outcomes is a testament to the hard work and commitment that underpins such success, and I look forward to leading the next steps in the school’s bright future. An exceptional, holistic education must incorporate the high expectations of academic rigour, with excellence in extra-curricular provision. As we work to offer Deer Park’s community the highest standard of schooling, it is through the focused development of these two principles that we will aim to afford each child the opportunity to grow as a learner, as a leader, and as an individual.

We look forward to welcoming Alex to the Trust starting in September 2020.