BPET schools receive 160 ‘Mail Force computers for kids’

What a fabulous return to in-school learning on 8th March 2021, as all eight schools in the Trust received a delivery of 20 laptops from the Daily Mail ‘Mail Force’ campaign providing computers for schools to give to pupils in need of a laptop. That’s 160 devices across the group.

Here is a quick montage of our grateful staff and pupils:

We would like to thank every individual, every business who made a donation to the fund raising campaign as these laptops will really help our pupils most in need with future home-work or 1-2-1 learning in school under the guidance of our fabulous Learning Support and Teaching Assistants.

It also means some devices “loaned” from school resources during lockdown can be returned to school for on-going use, with such families gaining the Mail Force device permanently!

The eight BPET schools are:

Braywick Court School (Bray, Maidenhead), Deer Park School (Richmond upon Thames), Evendons Primary (Wokingham), Halley House School (Hackney), Kilburn Grange School (Brent), Rutherford House School (Balham), Watling Park School (Barnet) and Whitehall Park School (Islington).

Mail Force is a Charity: So far* they have raised £1,473,952.80 to provide much needed school equipment and resources for pupils across the UK learning from home.

* Monday 8th March 2021

Bellevue Education donates laptops to BPET Schools

Bellevue Education donates laptops to BPET Free Schools

Bellevue Education has made a donation of laptops and other home learning equipment to the Bellevue Place Education Trust (BPET), to support their efforts in home educating during the national lockdown as a result of Covid-19.

The donation, including laptops, chargers and keyboards, will be sent to Kilburn Grange School, a Free School in Maida Vale, London.

The Bellevue Place Education Trust (BPET) sponsors eight growing Free Schools across London and Berkshire. The Trust was founded as a joint venture between Bellevue Education, a group of 21 independent schools across the UK and Europe; and Place Group Consulting, who have been setting up new state schools for 15 years.

Chief Executive of BPET, Mark Greatrex, comments:

‘Just under 25% of the 2,324 pupils attending BPET schools are on pupil premium funding. By surveying throughout the first lockdown in 2020, we identified lack of IT as the greatest barrier for these families to engage in home learning. We were lucky to help them thanks to Department for Education (DFE) schemes, but now in ‘Lockdown 3’, it is the issue of multiple siblings who have to share devices that is our concern.

‘The Government has rules on how many hours online learning daily a pupil must maintain to stay on track, and where families are having to share, it is just not feasible.

‘The donation from Bellevue Education will have a huge impact on such families. Supporting the hardest-to-reach families and helping all pupils connect to our high-quality home learning provision is a key role for schools at this time. Thank you, Bellevue!’



About Bellevue Education

Founded in 2003, Bellevue Education is a leading group of schools dedicated to providing the best possible education to children and students aged from six months to 19 years.

Each Bellevue school is run independently, but united by the same commitment: to be a place where children thrive, which teachers aspire to work for, and which parents are proud to send their children to.

Bellevue schools are warm, happy and dynamic environments where students are encouraged to aim high, delivering a broad curriculum in innovative ways. Bellevue recruits exceptional staff and ensures they are fully supported, with unrivalled training programmes and shared best practice opportunities. The group also understands the importance of parents in their child’s education, with a focus on parent communication.

Bellevue believes that exceptional academic results are the natural outcome of instilling a lifelong love of learning. The group takes great pride in helping to shape futures and inspire tomorrow’s leaders.