LED Lighting Replacement starts at Kilburn Grange School!

BPET is keen to live and work in a much more sustainable way and having recently signed up to the ‘Let’s go Zero 30’ campaign we have now embarked on two initial work-streams regarding lighting and energy monitoring to help enable us to achieve that goal.

We have partnered with an organisation called eEnergy who have recently visited all our schools to identify how we can both save money and procure greener energy in the future.

Five of our schools (RHS, KGS, WPS, HHS and EPS) will have all old, inefficient lights replaced with new LED lighting.

This work will be undertaken by a partner organisation of eEnergy called eLight over the next two months.

This image shows the first works taking place at Kilburn Grange School (KGS), which started on 6th December 2021.


All our schools will have a new Intelligent Metering System installed called MyZeERO. This will give us real time, accurate usage data by internal location to allow us to validate our bills and much more accurately procure our utilities in the near future. This work will also be undertaken by eLight over the coming months.


The benefits of MyZeERO Intelligent Metering to BPET:

There are several ways that the installation of MyZeERO will support the Trust in both the short the long term:

  1. It will provide us with accurate data to validate our bills.
  2. It can tell us when and where our energy wastage is at its highest. This will allow schools to identify faults (i.e. lightings being left on or coming on during the night) and provide staff and pupils with real life data to support educational conversations around us delivering cultural change.
  3. It will enable us to re-tender for our energy contracts, most of which are due for renewal next year.

BPET has entered into an operating lease for the LED lighting and metering systems which will see schools pay subscription’ payments. The savings generated over the 7-year period of the contracts will more than offset the total value of the monthly payments.

eEnergy helps organisations to achieve three of the key steps to achieving net zero: understand energy consumption, transition from brown to green energy and reduce energy usage. Read their press release on our project here.