2021 Leavers Destinations for four BPET Schools

We are proud to have 50% of our schools with Year 6 pupils transitioning to secondary school in September 2021.

Last year Rutherford House School (RHS) was the first of our original schools to have a Year 6 cohort. Our newest school, Evendons Primary (EPS), who joined the trust in February 2020 also had a Year 6 cohort but with the pandemic and lockdown we as a group hadn’t really got to know them by last summer.

This year is is so different as we have both RHS and EPS leavers but joining them are the first ‘leavers’ from Braywick Court School (Maidenhead) and Whitehall Park School (Islington).  That means half of our schools have leavers!  We wish them all well and hope they continue to Learn, Enjoy and Succeed in their next education setting!

There is such a diverse range of destinations for our leavers, many having an offer from the Independent sector but accepting local state school offers. Both Rutherford and Evendons have seen the range of schools offered / chosen broadened as we work with schools in our communities (state and independent) to give our pupils during academic year 5 the chance to explore and meet online (due to COVID) and engage in secondary school led events.

We know that many leavers from last year have returned to share their experiences and give advice to the classes at Evendons and Rutherford House, so we hope that trend will continue and that we can set up an alumni for BPET families.

This time next year it will be 100%, with all eight of the current Trust schools having a Year 6 cohort leaving.