Whitehall Park Demolition Almost Complete

Demolition work on the former Ashmount School site is due to be completed by 13 May 2016, with foundation works starting the week after.  Laying the building footings and drainage, along with the steel frame for the new school, are scheduled to be undertaken in June.

Whitehall Park Demolition

The new building is ready to be transported to the site from Ireland and once the foundations are complete, the building will be erected very quickly.

To accommodate the works on site, a new temporary administration block has been moved into position and operational, with the dining hall being moved from its previous location increasing the amount of playground space.  We have also walked around the site and identified any areas of concern which have been  put right by our contractors ExtraSpace Solutions.

The planning permission required ExtraSpace Solutions to meet a number of conditions before they were able to start demolition, and there are a number of conditions that have to be met prior to the occupation of the building.  ExtraSpace Solutions have submitted the details to release twelve of the pre-occupation conditions and will continue to work with Islington Planners to get the approval of all the pre-occupation planning conditions agreed before the school opens.

We have been planning for a partial handover of the ground floor of the building for September but because the demolition has been held up by unexpected site conditions we recognise that this is becoming increasingly unlikely and as such are putting in place contingency plans for the first term of next year  using additional temporary buildings and some necessary site reorganisation so that the school can coexist with the new housing development construction that is due to start shortly.