Whitehall Park School new building taking shape

Whitehall Park School new building taking shape

Following the demolition of the former Ashmount School, the new building for Whitehall Park School is being constructed.

This £6.6m new school building, is a government backed scheme to provide more high quality primary school places to Islington.

Whitehall Park School opened in September 2014 with 60 reception aged pupils and is currently over subscribed, with the school growing year on year until it is full in 2020.  The new building is expected to be completed in December 2016, ready for the school to move in permanently in early 2017.  The school has recently moved off its permanent site and is sharing with Mount Carmel School, half a mile away, so that the construction work can continue quickly without the children in close proximity.

Planning permission for the new school was granted on October 2015 and will be a huge investment into the local area.  The building is starting to take shape, with the images below showing the classrooms being installed and the second picture shows the structure around the sports hall.





December 2016 updated photos

Over the last month, the building work has made significant progress. Work is now going on the outside and inside interior layout to make it fit for purpose for the school. We will continue to post photos as the building progresses.




Artist impression of completed Whitehall Park School