*** Celebrating our 5 year anniversary as a Trust ***

Monday 20th February 2017 marks the 5th year anniversary since the Trust was first incorporated on 20th February 2012. For the full story click here. 

Back then the Trust was established for one school (called the Balham Schools Company!) and was beginning the journey to the Trust we are today.  Much has been achieved in these five years!

 · Seven Free School applications have been submitted, approved and opened.  All schools are working together to deliver the vision of the Trust, developing independence and confidence through a wide-ranging curriculum, with a further 100 after-school clubs run every week across the Trust, offering further enrichment to the pupils we serve.

· 800 pupils being educated across the seven schools – increasing to 2,730 when all schools are full in 2023.  We are currently working at 30% of our final capacity, increasing to 40% in September 17. Across the schools currently, it is a huge achievement that our schools are 84% full overall, with the three more establish schools now the school of first choice in their area.

· 144 staff currently employed across the seven schools. This will grow to an anticipated 400+ staff when all schools are full.

· £20m investment into new buildings or renovations to serve our communities – a further £16m in the pipeline by September 2018.


Bellevue Place Education Trust (BPET) is a multi academy trust that sponsors seven primary Free Schools across London and the South-East. Our core purpose is to establish, maintain and manage state funded Free Schools.

All Bellevue Place Education Trust schools are focused to deliver high quality education provision in areas where there is a shortage of primary school places.

Bellevue Place Education Trust was established as a joint venture between two organisations who are passionate about providing high quality education. These two organisations bring together the very best of the fee-paying Independent sector – Bellevue Education Ltd – experienced in running a family of 15 independent schools in the UK and Switzerland; with a highly-regarded education consultancy – Place Group – who have been setting up new state schools for 15 years as well as ensuring schools compliantly procure best value goods and services in order to run effective back office environments in schools.

Of the seven new schools we maintain, one has received an OfSTED rating of Good with outstanding features.  Overall the 500 pupils across our schools are achieving some excellent outcomes.  79% of the reception aged pupils achieved a Good Level of Development (GLD) in 2016, which is well above the national average of 69%.  In addition to this, 88% of the Year 1 pupil passed their phonic test, which is also well above the national average of 81%.  This has all been achieved by our pupils receiving a wider curriculum offer from the schools, in line with our vision.

The schools also offer a vast number of before and after school clubs, with our first school, Rutherford House, for example providing 48 clubs a week to their pupils.  80% of all our pupils take part in at least one club a week, which enriches further the broad and balanced curriculum we offer.

Our parents are our greatest advocates for the schools, with the last parental survey in June 2016 showing that 97% of parents and carers agree or strongly agree that their child enjoys coming to school and 90% said that they are likely or highly likely to recommend their school to their friends.  We are thrilled with these responses and thank the parents who took part in the survey.

Headline facts about the Bellevue Place Education Trust

  • The Trust educates 800 pupils in the seven growing Free Schools – operating at 30% of total capacity
  • When the schools are full, the Trust will provide 2,730 additional primary school places across London and in Maidenhead
  • The first BPET Free School to open, Rutherford House, was judged by OfSTED as a Good School with outstanding features (outstanding in SMSC, curriculum and SEN provision) in its inspection on 1 & 2 July 2015
  • 79% of BPET pupils in reception achieved a Good Level of Development in 2016 (national average was 69% in 2016)
  • BPET maintains schools in seven Local Authority regions, which includes Wandsworth, Windsor & Maidenhead, Islington, Brent, Hackney, Richmond on Thames and Barnet
  • BPET has attracted over £38.4m of capital investment in areas of basic need for new primary school places
  • The Trust is providing a new model of education, using the experiences of the Independent School sector, combined with the efficiency of a private sector company
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