Our Vision

Our values: Learn. Enjoy. Succeed.

Three words that mean the world to us.

Three words that have been with us from the day we formed Bellevue Place Education Trust (BPET).  Three words that govern all that we do.

BPET vision is to run autonomous schools, with support for back office support, with freedom over the educational delivery, within the vision of the Trust. The aspiration is that to maintain schools where academic excellence is just one aspect of an outstanding education. With a rich extended curriculum, building emotional intelligence in pupils, through the learning experience, typically nurtured from pupils’ interest of ideas.

As a parent you can expect excellence, both in how we teach and how we nurture your child. We foster a positive attitude to life, encouraging a ‘be interested and be interesting’ attitude by providing a rich learning environment full of arts, drama, sport, music and as well as, of course, academic rigour.

Bellevue Place children are happy, confident, successful ‘all-rounders’ who expect to win and achieve in an inclusive setting where children, parents and school staff work together to provide the best. Our commitment to you and your children is that we will teach them to learn, enjoy and succeed both in their school career and beyond.

Staff in BPET are central to delivering the vision of the Trust. We are committed to recruiting the best staff, providing attractive development and retention packages and ensuring that every member of staff receives focused training. Teachers are all leaders and will be developed so their career is supported to help them to achieve their aspirations. Our goal is that at least half of our future senior leaders of BPET schools will come from current BPET staff.


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