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BPET Athletics Tournament 2024

Watling Park School hosted Whitehall Park School, Halley House School and Deer Park School for this years BPET athletics competition in their spacious outdoor sports facilities. Nearly 50 Year 5 and 6 pupils competed for first place in both track, and field events. Every pupil was given an opportunity to participate in all events which ranged from individual sprints and relay races, to a standing triple jump and throwing events.

The air was filled with cheers of support from peers from the first race to the final event. Throughout the day pupils pushed their limits and excelled beyond expectations!

Melina, a Whitehall Park School pupil, reflected on the event: "It was a great day to prepare for sports day, my favourite activity was the running races as I got to work in a team with my friends and my personal favourite was the speed bounce!"

Congratulations to the overall winners, Deer Park School, who took home the trophy for amassing the highest combined points. Gold medals were also awarded to the boys and girls teams with the highest scores: Whitehall Park Schools' girls and Deer Park School's boys.

Everyone gave their absolute best, and we want to congratulate every pupil that took part in the competition. Coach Jack added, "Well done to all the children involved who showcased their throwing, jumping, and running techniques! It was great to see what they could do. Could we have seen the next Usain Bolt? Or Jessica Ennis-Hill?"

We are grateful for Jack Briley, our BPET Sports Champion and Whitehall Park School’s sports coach, who organised the tournament. Thanks to all the involved sports coaches’ hard work and dedication, our pupils were provided with a platform to display physical skills and good sportsmanship, improve communication and create lifelong memories.

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