Bellevue Place Education Trust

BPET Boys Football Tournament 2024

Watling Park School hosted the annual Year 3 and 4 boys football tournament at their outdoor sport facilities, on 26th February.

Guest pupils from Dollis Primary School were welcomed by this year’s hosts along with pupils from Deer Park School, Kilburn Grange School, Halley House School, Whitehall Park School and Rutherford House School. This year we saw 59 eager boys from our London hub participate in the BPET football tournament, all of whom were vying for the trophy!

After an exciting series of matches, Kilburn Grange School triumphed and took home the gold following their thrilling final match played against Deer Park School.

Prior to competing, Coach K from Kilburn Grange School emphasised the importance of humility and respect, and reminded the boys to enjoy their time. As a response to their talk one of her pupils said: "I think we can win the tournament!" to which she replied “Don’t give up on your dreams, or your dreams will give up on you. And earn the right to be proud and confident!" providing the boys with a final push towards first place.

The runner up and third place players, secured by Rutherford House School and Deer Park School respectively, were awarded well-deserved medals for their performance.

Players Josiah and Ruben from Watling Park School reflected on their experiences, expressing the joy of playing against other teams and even noticing an improvement in their teamwork and skills compared to the previous year. Josiah’s comment “There were some mistakes, but we came back from it” highlighted the positive attitude and demonstrated the excellent sportsmanship of these children.

We are grateful to Jack Briley, Whitehall Park School’s sports coach, for organising this year’s successful event. Thanks to all school’s coaches and Jack, our pupils were provided with a platform to stimulate self-improvement, build confidence, and create lifelong memories.

Jack echoed this sentiment stating: “With all the talent on show I thought I was at the World Cup! It was great to see so many teams participate and play competitive football with a smile on their faces. Big well done to all the teams today for showing off their teamwork, communication skills and most importantly sportsmanship. All teams showcased their great passing, defending and finishing and also a shout out to Watling Park for scoring one of the goals of the tournament!”