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Evendons Primary School is Outstanding

Evendons Primary School has been judged as an 'Outstanding' school for a second time by Ofsted following an inspection in February 2024.

The exceptionally high standard of behaviour was immediately clear to the inspector, who was quick to note the pupils' kindness towards each other, their focus in lessons and their motivation to learn. The report mentioned the teachers' "forensic understanding of each pupil's needs" ensuring each child receives the right level of support. This personalised approach resonates with the pupils themselves, who told the inspector that "teachers really go the extra mile to make learning interesting."

The inspector praised the leadership's ambitious goals for pupil achievement and confidence in all pupils, and how children themselves are enthusiastic about learning, striving for success, and taking pride in their achievements.

The school offers a wealth of enriching opportunities, including a diverse range of educational trips, residentials and after-school clubs which allow pupils to thrive academically, socially, emotionally, and contribute to the development of all-rounders, confident individuals.

Evendons' exceptional performance is reflected by the school's position among the top 200 performing schools in England for the multiplication tables check, and within the top 3% for the Phonics screening check in 2023. More on this here.

Headteacher Stacey Read expressed joy at this recognition saying: "I am delighted that the inspector recognised how special Evendons is. I am very proud to lead a team of exceptional teachers and professionals whose focus is to provide the best education to children, intended inside and outside the classroom. I am proud of the hard working staff, governors and BPET, where all have worked so well together with a clear and agreed focus for what we aim to deliver at Evendons Primary School. So proud this was recognised in this report.”

Mark Greatrex, BPET Chief Executive, says: “Evendons joined BPET four years ago now, and I am very pleased with the journey the school has come on, and the close working relationship we have with the whole team. The inspector praised BPET in recognising and celebrating the individual aspects of the school, while driving strong curriculum and teacher developments across the school.”

Evendons Primary School is Wokingham’s first STEM school (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics), and has recently expanded their Reception and Year 1 classrooms, offer more places to the local community.

Read the full Ofsted report